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It is Always a Good Idea to Crosscheck!

Though the advertisements show that most of the home pregnancy tests are accurate, yet a research has found that their real precision differ from fifty four percent to ninety seven percent accuracy on first day of a missed period.

In discovering why a pregnancy test can be wrong, it has been seen that the false negatives are much common than pregnancy tests false positives. There is a dozen of reasons for any inaccuracies. Let us walk through some of them:


  • First and the common thing that leads to inaccuracy are human error. It is a possible issue when making use of home kits. One might easily miss a step-in procedure if she doesn’t read the entire directions from the start to end before taking any action.It is significant to go as per the steps in proper order for ensuring a good reading.It includes the correct time of day to carry out the test.
    • Degrees of HCG are quite higher in the morning. So, it is the best time to take a pregnancy test. Females who are in early stages of pregnancy might not have formed up enough of this hormone in the systems to get detected. Remember drinking so much of water might interfere with a reading because it can weaken the HCG levels in urine.
  • Then waiting for a long time after collecting a urine sample might interfere with reading as well. Various kits can get used by keeping the test in urine stream rather than dipping it into any sample. If a female is taking a sample for a pregnancy test, it is significant to ensure that she uses it within fifteen minutes.Similarly, she has to make sure that she gives the test sufficient time to work.There are some kits which require a couple of minutes to form an accurate reading.So, try to give the test adequate time to generate a dependable outcome and don’t forget to double-check the expiration date on test’s package.
  • Talking about an ectopic pregnancy, it is extremely problematic because egg is fertilized somewhere other than uterus. It might interfere with level of HCG in body, making a correct reading tough. Females experiencing extreme pain in their abdomen or pelvic area.
  • Then there are also some types of medications which can interfere with the correctness of a pregnancy test, mainly drugs for the fertility which possess HCG hormone. Drugs that don’t possess hormone might not interfere with reading.It comprises of birth control pills.
  • Very rarely medical conditions may also produce inaccurate outcomes in pregnancy tests.Tumors in reproductive system and liver issues might interfere in rare cases.Hysterical pregnancy is kind of a psychological state but it might have grave ramifications on body that can include higher levels of HCG. It can lead to an inappropriate reading.

Thus, it has been seen that under the realm of these above-mentioned situations, you might witness false positive pregnancy test results. But according to a study, an interesting thing is if a woman has got a positive pregnancy test, it is ninety seven percent certain that she is pregnant.


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