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Baby Head Positions During Pregnancy

Generally, during the thirty second pregnancy week, the head of the baby is to face downwards of the birth canal. The baby can find it much easier, until this particular stage is reached to have its head rotated to head down from head up position. It is known as cephalic presentation as plenty of space exists in the uterus. However, some babies tend to have head down position much later, just few moments before starting of labor pain. As the fetus moves towards the cephalic presentation, it is called ‘head engagement’.  It is also colloquially called ‘lightening’ or ‘baby drop’.

Why different head down position baby?

It is important for babies to turn their heads downwards just before delivery. Labor can be much easier and shorter, if the head of the baby is turned downwards. Babies generally are taken out of the womb with their head coming out first.


Cephalic presentation and the frequent types

  • Vertex presentation: In singletons, it is stated to be the most common of all configurations. Usually, the baby’s back tends to face towards the mother’s tummy and the face towards the spine. It is considered by medical experts to be an ideal position for giving birth, since the baby is perfectly lined up and fits precisely through the mother’s pelvis region. At times, the head of the baby also turns slightly to the side. However, it is not seen as any problem.
  • Face presentation: In case, the head is found to be extended, then the leading part is the face. Lesser than 1% of the presentations are accounted by face presentations. They are found commonly among premature babies. For uncomplicated face presentations, there is noticed no alternation in labor duration.
  • Brow presentation: It takes place, when the baby’s head and neck are extended slightly, and appears like the baby is looking upwards. This is experienced mostly among postmature babies.

How head down position baby during pregnancy can be attained?

In case, by the 36th week, the baby is not noticed to be in cephalic position, then some crucial steps are to be taken to ensure the position is changed. The health care provider will offer the would-be mothers with necessary advice before the beginning of the procedure.

  • Get into comfortable position, scrub the floor. With the mother being on her fours, the baby finds itself in a better position to change its head direction. It comes front of the mother’s belly region.
  • Change to helpful sitting position. The mother is to shift forward her pelvis region when sitting. It will ensure that the knees are lower than the hips. It is an optimal fetal position, which can help the baby to get into anterior or head down position with great ease.
  • The mother should avoid sitting for extended hours. She needs to be active. The baby can turn and be vertex as the mother walks a lot.

This way, the baby’s head can be turned into a comfortable downwards position to ensure easier, quicker, and uncomplicated delivery.


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