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Is Zofran good for morning sickness?

There are many people who are noticed to suffer from morning sickness. It could perhaps be that the most commonly sold and popular drug is not FDA approved. Studies conducted in a large scale may have found that mothers who used such drugs during initial trimester may have doubled the risks of having a baby that has heart defect! This is likely to sound real scary.

Zofran – A commonly prescribed drug

The above fears are true, especially with a drug known as zofran pregnancy fda. It is regarded to be a commonly taken drug, to take care of morning sickness. One among four women are said to get hold of a prescription during initial trimester, which according to studies suggested increased heart defects in newborn babies.


Why recommend Zofran?

Around 80% of all pregnant women are noticed to face morning sickness issues. In several cases, the issue might not be much serious. However, for some, such type of sickness may lead towards causing weight loss and dehydration, thus posing danger for the would-be mother. The brand name of this drug is ondansetron. It was developed initially to treat vomiting and nausea, which was caused due to surgery or cancer treatment. As it is known to be effective, it was given to handle severe morning sickness to pregnant ladies as an off-label drug.

For several drugs, off-label usage is quite common. However, it is in early pregnancy that morning sickness occurs. The reason is because, it is during this time when birth defects might occur. Some studies linked this drug to that of birth defects.

What zofran birth defects study shows?

There are plenty of data pertaining to Zofran during pregnancy. Results can be stated to be somewhat murky.

  • A study was conducted on 251 pregnant women who had taken this drug as well as those who did not. Major birth defects were noticed by an increase of 20% in Zofran babies.
  • Another study took 1,970 pregnant women taking this drug and others who did not. No risks were found on Zofran women.
  • The third study took 1,248 pregnant women taking this drug and others who did not. The result obtained was the risk among babies simply doubled and they suffered from heart defects, when compared to the others.
  • Studies conducted on 176 women taking Zofran identified no increased risk related to birth defects when compared to similar number of pregnant women not using this drug.

What is to be done?

In case, the pregnant woman has taken Zofran, then the odds are likely that the baby is to be in good health. However, evidence given above suggests that this drug is better avoided as much as possible. There are indeed several safer alternatives to take care of morning sickness.

For treating morning sickness, a drug named Diclegis was approved by the FDA in 2013. It is regarded to be a combination of an antihistamine and Vitamin B6. It is indeed a wonderful and safer alternative.


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