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Vacuum Delivery Child – Things to know

Giving birth to a healthy and bonny boy or girl is a real delight to every parent. But, this also requires the couple to know about the different types of baby deliveries that are common across the globe. This way, the would-be mother will be able to prepare herself mentally and physically and make herself much stronger, so that a beautiful baby enters the world and can bring love and affection on everyone.

Know about Vacuum assisted delivery

At times, it is also known as ventouse or vacuum extraction. Here, assisted delivery means, few types of instruments will be required to be used by the midwife or the doctor. This is to ensure that the baby is delivered through birth canal. Such delivery type will be required, if there is noticed no progress in the labor’s second stage. If the would-be mother experiences pushing and contractions, the cervix may be dilated and head of the baby has descended. However, the baby and the would-be mother may not be prepared yet for delivery position. Also, vacuum extraction could be required if there is indication from the baby’s heartbeat that it is facing some kind of problem and there is a genuine need to have immediate delivery.


Using vacuum device for child delivery

Instead of forceps, vacuum device is preferred these days by the midwife or doctor due to personal preference. Vacuum Extractor Delivery is generally used in some minor percentage across the globe and forceps lesser than that. However, both its usage has been dropping with time.

Reasons for reducing figures of vacuum assisted childbirth

Forceps and vacuum assisted childbirth is reducing with time, since cesarean births are becoming common. Forceps at one point of time was regarded to be the popular and only choice available, if there was noticed stalling of labor. But with modern medicines and sophisticated gadgets being introduced along with sterile surgical technique, anesthesia, blood transfusions and the like, cesarean is being favored upon. It was during the 1950s that vacuum extraction became widespread.

How vacuum extraction is performed?

The midwife or doctor is sure to discuss with the patient with regards to the need of assisted birth, in case, such a circumstance arises. In case, epidural is not experienced, then some anesthesia will be required. Also, episiotomy will be needed. The health provider during vacuum extraction is likely to reach right within the birth canal, have tiny plastic suction cup equipment placed on the baby’s head. A tiny hand pump gets linked with the device to produce vacuum within the cup, by having it attached to the scalp. While the would-be mother pushes, some traction is then used by the health provider on the baby. Once head of the baby appears, suction gets released and there is removal of the cup. In case, the vacuum extraction fails to deliver the results, then it is cesarean section that needs to be tried out.

The qualified physicians will evaluate what needs to be done, so as to ensure that both the baby and the mother are in good health.


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