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Caul Birth – Know the myths and reality

There are many who are not aware of what En caul birth is all about. Browsing through the web can help them to come across blogs and sites. It occurs as the baby is within amniotic sac completely after birth. This sac is actually a bag consisting of fluid and is present inside the womb. It is here that the unborn baby grows and develops.

What is Caul Birth all about?

It is also called ‘membranes’. The reason is because, there are two membranes present in the sac known as chorion and amnion. Pale, clear fluid is filled up in the sac, where the unborn baby moves and floats. It is during the birth of the baby that there is noticed breaking of the amniotic sac and is referred to commonly as ‘water breaking’ in the mother. In this type of birth, the baby gets born within the intact membranes. There are various graphics and videos about this type of birth that can enlighten the person, interested to know more about the same. But this can be sensitive in nature and not recommended for those, not able to bear such scenes.

At times, it is with just a caul piece attached to the face and head that the baby gets born. Caul is taken from the Latin word “Caput galeatum”, meaning ‘head helmet’. Babies that are born of En Caul Baby Birth type are said to be “born with a shirt or veil”. This membrane piece is harmless and can be removed easily by the midwife or the doctor. Small incision can be placed in the membrane by the medical practitioner across the nostrils. This can help the child to breathe comfortably. Next, from behind ears, the loops get un-looped carefully! Then, the caul’s remaining can be either rubbed using a paper sheet or peeled back from skin.

Such births are stated to be quite rare and takes place only once in every 80,000 deliveries worldwide. It is with premature babies and those probably requiring C-section that such births may occur.

Some common myths related to such type of births

According to different European mythologies, baby that is born en caul has been stated to escape drowning. The babies born of this type are generally known as caulbearers. Sailors find their caul to be much desired.

During the medieval times, those being born with en caul had been stated to bring good luck and destined to achieve greatness. One crucial childbirth tradition involves saving the caul. A paper sheet would be rubbed by the midwife across the baby’s face and head, the caul material is then pressed onto the paper. Then the mother is presented with it and is retained as heirloom.

Few early modern European traditions are said to have inked caul babies to have a natural capability to defend fertility as well as harvest against evil forces, more specifically sorcerers and witches. There are many famous personalities born with a Caul like Napoleon, Charlemagne, Lord Byron, Liberace and others.


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