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Is it really safe to make use of home Doppler?

The pregnant women may be at times, be concerned with her developing child inside her womb. She may want to find if the fetus is in good, healthy condition or not. At times, there could be necessary some genuine reassurance. For some, pregnancy’s initial months can be anxious and unsettling, especially if there had been miscarriages experienced previously. Majority of the women get relaxed once the baby starts to kick and move around. But, when the baby is very small in the initial stages, movement is not likely to be felt. It is during this stage that the would-be mother would like to know the health of the child in her womb.

Using Doppler fetal monitors

There are readily available home based Doppler’s to monitor the activities of the baby in the mother’s womb. These medical devices are increasingly becoming popular and offer the necessary reassurance to the mothers during their different pregnancy stages. Even though the baby’s heart forms quite early, using the Doppler fetal monitor, the heartbeat of the baby can be heart only about 10 to 12 weeks.

Is it safe to use a Doppler at home?

This is a question that is asked by the majority of pregnant women, eager to know their baby’s health. The probe of the Doppler sends across sound waves in high frequency. This passes through the body of the mother and into the baby. As movements are encountered by the sound waves, like beating heart of the baby, they tend to reflect on the monitor. This movement gets translated by the Doppler monitor into amplified sound for the mother and the others to heart it.

According to studies conducted have displayed developing babies within the womb are likely to face harm due to ultrasound. Ultrasound as per expert suggestion is to be sparingly used, so as to eliminate the associated risks.

How to check the health of the baby naturally?

The baby’s kicks can be counted in later pregnancy, which the medical experts state to be a much reliable way to determine his/her health. The pitfall of using the home Doppler is that parents may misinterpret easily the sounds heard by them, since there are plenty of other sounds which take place within the pregnant woman’s body. Hence, trying to have the baby’s heartbeat pinpointed can be real tough. The other pitfall is that the parent is likely to stress herself unnecessarily if the heartbeat is not heard properly. But this does not necessarily mean that heart beat of the baby has stopped. Probably, the child could be in some strange position making it difficult for the heartbeat to be heard.

Is there a need to buy a fetal Doppler?

This equipment can prove to be beneficial to those who are noticed to be overly stressed and anxious during the time frame after 10 to 12 weeks and before feeling the kicks of the baby. However, it should be sparingly used and conform to the FDA standards. The person should know how it is to be used the right way.


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