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Know about Breastfeeding and Tongue

When breastfeeding is concerned, there are many women, who are not aware about tongue-tie situations. There are few women who are noticed to face issues when it comes to breastfeeding the baby. She might feed the baby for short time, only for the little one to get hungry and require feeding again. Although the mother is getting sufficient milk, she may face soreness in her breasts and get less sleep, due to frequent feeding. Tongue-tie evaluations can probably the issue.

About Tongue-Tie and Breast Feeding

‘Ankyloglossia’ is the medical termed used. Tissue band is present in every person that has the tongue tethered to the mouth floor. It is known as lingual frenulum. It does not have tongue movement restricted. However, if it is found to be extremely tight, attached excessively forward or thick, then tongue-tie situations may arise.

What is now known about this medical term?

Tongue-tie situations are not something new and were known in those olden days by midwives. The midwives used to have one finger nail kept long for snipping tongue-tie just before the baby is breastfeed. However, this wonderful wisdom got lost, with the increasing popularity of bottle feeding. Tongue-tie has become quite common and it is not likely to interfere with that of breast feeding. There are many families which may have tongue-tie and it is found to be more common among boys. When compared to bottle feeding, breast feeding is found to be much better. One major reason why tongue-tie in breastfeeding women comprising about 70%, is found to drop significantly to about 20% within a time span of six months.

Latching is a major concern faced by babies having tongue-tie. Tongue tie breastfeeding positions involve the baby to have her/his tongue slid over its lower gum for getting a proper latch to the mother’s nipple. Tongue-tie babies tend to compensate for the restricted tongue movement. This is done by having their jaws to function more and to chew more for getting plenty of milk. This makes the little one to get tired easily, thus requiring them to be fed more often, thus causing sore nipples to the mother.


The baby is to be taken to an experienced and certified ENT surgeon, who has taken care of related problems before in good numbers. Frenotomy is the medical term used for this surgery. Frenulums attach the lower and upper lips and may cause breast feeding issues.

Lingual frenulum snipping is recommended by the surgeons and some numbing medication is put on the Q tip, right under the tongue of the baby.  Using sterile scissors, a quick snip is made by the surgeon, after which a gauze pad is held under the tongue for couple of minutes. Then the mother is ready to start breastfeeding the baby. This treatment when availed can help the baby to get more milk supply from one breast feeding session. Also the mother is required to breastfeed less and to get more of good sleep. Both the baby and the mother are likely to be happy with the treatment.


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