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Pesticides are harmful during pregnancy, this is the reason why?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful part of any woman’s life. But it is also one of the most crucial times as well because they need to get extra cautious about what they eat and drink. This is because anything they eat or drink will directly affect the baby and hence there is long list of food items that should definitely be avoided.

One of the critical points that mothers usually don’t pay attention to is the amount of pesticides that can be present in your food which can have serious affects on the baby. Studies have shown that consuming food that contains residues of pesticides can pose serious danger to the babies. However, as a normal person what much can you do to keep yourself away from these pesticides. Here are some tips to protect against pesticides in your food:-

  • If you are pregnant or even otherwise, refrain from using pesticides inside or outside your home. Also, you should always keep your children away from areas where pesticides have recently been used.
  • The chances of getting pesticides in your home are greater if you live near an agricultural area. So if you are living near a farm or any agricultural area and you are pregnant, move away from that area for the first two months of your pregnancy.
  • Try consuming organic products during pregnancy because of chances of getting pesticides in your food is way too less in organic products. If you are unable to find organic produce near your home, then you should only eat products that are least likely to have pesticide residue.
  • You must wash your food properly before cutting or using it. Washing food properly will also reduce the chances of consuming pesticides.
  • Cook your food properly and at proper heat because cooking will reduce the affects of pesticide residue.

Case for Organic Produce

Be careful when you select organic food as well because mostly all fruits and vegetables grown organically also have Organo phosphate pesticides. You should look for foods that are organic and less likely to have pesticides in them like sweet potatoes, eggplant, asparagus, avocados, pineapple, kiwis, cauliflower, frozen sweet peas, onions, mangoes, sweet corn and cabbage. You should always read the organic label before buying organic products as well. Any food that is has been treated with pesticides in the last three years cannot be considered as organic.


So being a mother and eating proper healthy food is the key to get a healthy baby. Pregnancy and pesticides is a lethal combination and hence should be taken seriously. As mothers we usually don’t pay much attention to the pesticides and the affects of it. But if you read stories on the internet as to how small residues from these harmful pesticides can hamper your babies health will tell you that how cautious you should be before serving food to your family. Not only food but if you are pregnant you should avoid getting close to places where there are pesticides. Pesticides are scary when you are pregnant, so avoid as much as possible.


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