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Is it possible to predict the baby’s gender using Chinese Gender Chart?

Few years before, parents had to wait for their baby to come out, so as to know if it was he or she. But modern times and advanced technology have completely changed the way how pregnancy and childbirth takes place. It is now possible to determine the fetus is a boy or a girl when it is still in the growing stage inside the mother’s womb.

Using medical devices to determine baby gender

With various types of tests and ultrasounds predicting accurately the baby’s gender, it is considered to be a revelation. However, some kind of push back is found against it. There are many people, including grandparents who are found not to be eager to know the gender of the baby, until the little one popped out from its mother’s womb. According to them, doing early prediction only will ruin all the surprise! Be it a girl or a boy, both are definitely lucky for the parents and the whole family.

The Chinese Gender Chart

However, the internet is said to be abuzz in plenty with the latest prediction process called the Chinese Chart to identify the Gender. It is regarded to be an intricate, large chart, which uses the age of the mother and the date when she got pregnant. This is used for the purpose of prediction to check if the baby is a girl or a boy. Through this chart, the baby’s gender can be known and the accuracy level is 90%+. However, for the prediction to be accurate, it is necessary to know the lunar month when the mother was born and not the calendar birth month. There are several sites which display the entire prediction table. Simpler systems do exist everywhere to allow the user to plug in her birth day as well as either the conception day or expected due date.

This gender chart can be stated to be over 700 years old. The Chinese royal palace servants had kept it a guarded secret and were eunuchs. This chart is based upon an ancient religious text named I Ching, which is used as guide to life and divination tool. The chart was used by the royal services for assisting the Emperor as well as his consorts. It was used to produce the important baby boys simply by doing calculations of the days when to have sex. This chart however, got lost during the Chinese Boxer Rebellion. Several years later, it again resurfaced in Europe and specifically in England.

Accuracy of this method

There are many who are eager to know about the accuracy of the 2017 Chinese Baby Gender Predictor. Different versions can be found. Few people are confused if the calendar or lunar month is to be used. Studies have found that this chart has prove to be correct to predict the gender of the baby around 50% time that is termed to be the same rate like flipping of the coin. Hence, this chart is not of much use besides its entertainment value.


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