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Negative pregnancy test: How can it prove to be wrong?

Pregnancy test is carried out by many women to check if they are pregnant or not. Some may probably purchase 3 pack of test. They may know that taking just one may probably not provide satisfactory results. Either they do not rely upon the home pregnancy results or simply crazy.

Few ads have claimed that pregnancy tests conducted at home are about 99% correct. Studies conducted recently have identified that the actual precision of accuracy varied between 54% and 97% on the initial day of the missed out period. High score had been recorded by the initial response brand.

At the same time, False Positive Pregnancy Test are found to be rarer. However, false negatives tend to occur. It is for this reason, taking some tips it will become much easier to feel confident to get authentic results that can be relied upon.

False negative results and their causes

  • A common reason noticed is that the test is performed quite soon and little hCG is found in the urine. hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is created by placenta. Detection is not possible until the uterus gets attached with the fertilized egg, which is generally after ovulation period by around 6 – 12 days. In case, pregnancy test is conducted immediately after conception, then detecting increase in hCG can be too early. What is to be done? Simply wait for about a week and then retest again. The person needs to give a waiting time for around 14 days from sexual activity date which might lead towards conception. It can be more precise when compared to taking home pregnancy test upon missing the period. It is quite true if irregular menstrual cycles are had or the person is not sure about the beginning date of the previous menstrual cycle.
  • ‘Hook effect’. Although complicated is termed to be essential. The fact is that excess hCG level is found in the urine. Through this test, hCG level is detected to be around 27 to 233 thousand parts / million. In case, excess presence of hCG is noticed, then it will not be identified by the test. It is quite uncommon and seen usually in gestational trophoblastic disease (molar pregnancy). What is best done? In case, negative results are found and pregnancy symptoms are felt or simply the person is not aware about the missing out of her period, then it will be useful to contact the health care provider.

False positive results and its causes (when not pregnant)

In case, the test is found to be positive, then the person is perhaps pregnant. These are rare cases, but might be caused due to the following aspects like:

  • Test not performed properly or test is past the expiration date
  • Phantom hCG – hCG detected by test from various sources like:
    • Left due to some early miscarriage
    • From infertility treatment
    • From various bodily sources such as tumor, pituitary gland or molar pregnancy

Why a Pregnancy Test Can Be Wrong? One has to understand that false positive pregnancy is not caused due to medications, unless a drug containing antibodies or hormones, etc. is being used.


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