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Cesarean Section –How did it derive its name?

There are many popular misconceptions about the name “Cesarean Section”. These days, people across the globe are quite aware about the existence and common usage of this particular procedure, but do not know how this name came into being. This is something that they are anxious to know. Cesarean section actually is a type of surgical procedure that is performed upon the expectant mother by making in incision on her uterus and abdomen region.

How Did Caesarean Sections Get Their Name?

To know how this name got stuck to this particular procedure, one has to research and the best place to do so is the web. There are present many sites and blogs that does offer a good amount of knowledge on the myths and truths of this particular procedure that is fast becoming to be a life savior for pregnant mothers.

There are indeed several people in history who have many things named after them. Some of popular ones are Gabriele Fallopio after whom the Fallopian tube was named, Bartolomeo Eustachi after whom Eustachian tubes had been named, Henry Heimlich after which Heimlich maneuver has been named, etc. However, cesarean section does not actually fall into this particular group.

Cesarean section and Julius Caesar

There is a common myth that relates Cesarean section with the great Roman general Julius Caesar. It is assumed by many that because Caesar was born in such a manner that this name got popular. Even this may sound to be true, the fact is that Julius Caesar is nowhere linked to it directly. However, historians are of the opinion that this type of surgery was practiced in early Roman much before the birth of Julius Caesar. Although there is no precise evidence of the same, there are many who claim that a law was present before Julius was born that a woman who had died during childbirth had to be cut open, to protect the baby. If both were found to be dead, then the child and the mother was given a separate, decent burial.

One possibility could be that Julius Caesar’s ancestor was probably born in this manner. Hence, it is his family name that got associated with this procedure and used in modern science. According to Pliny the Roman historian, a Caesar had been born in this manner. However, Julius name was not mentioned anywhere. This does clarify very clearly that Julius Caesar and the Cesarean Section procedure is not inter-related in any manner.

Why is it called a cesarean – More in details

‘Caedare’, a popular word in Latin that stands for ‘to cut’! ‘Caesus’ is its past participle, which leads to a procedure which cuts into uterus as cesarean or caesarean section. In modern times, such type of births are said to have become common due to the easy availability of antibiotics and anesthesia. This type of surgery is known to have been practiced by the other cultures and religious beliefs across the globe since ages like the Hindus, Chinese, Grecian, Roman, Europeans, etc.


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