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Home fetal monitor Doppler – Is it safe?

There are times, when the person may require just some reassurance. The initial pregnancy months could probably be filled with anxious moments and also unsettling. This is more so, if the person has experienced some prior miscarriages. As the baby grows in the womb, the mother will begin to feel his/her kick or moving. This will help the expectant mother to feel much more relaxed. But the question asked by many mother is when their baby is too small inside their womb, to feel his/her movement. It is here that advanced medical science and gadgets can prove to be a boon to such mothers.

Increasing popularity

The truth is that these days home Doppler is being used by many mothers across the globe in huge numbers. The increasing volume of sales only specifies how its popularity has been gaining with time. Many pregnant women are using it for getting reassurance that their baby is safe, healthy and good during pregnancy.

Even though, the heart of the baby develops very early, the heartbeat can be heard using the Doppler monitor only as early as 10 to 12 weeks.

Is it safe to be used?

Is it safe to use a Doppler at home? This is another question that is asked by majority of the mothers who are eager to keep continuous status of their child and ensure that they deliver them safely and without any hassle. With constant supervision, it becomes much easier to do the needful and take the help of the professional physicians to ensure that they baby is in good health.

The monitor probe is known to send out sound waves of very high frequency which pass through the body and right into the baby. If movement is encountered by the sound waves, like the beating heart of the baby, then the monitor is likely to bounce it back. The movement is translated by the Doppler monitor into amplified sound.

Ultrasound is not found to be harmful for the baby developing within the womb. Experts are of the opinion that there should be sparing use of ultrasounds as possible for ruling out the risks if present. In later pregnancy, it is necessary to count the baby’s kicks, but in a reliable manner to know if the baby is thriving and alive.

It is necessary for the pregnant woman to consult the physician every now and then and on all issues, to ensure that everything is under control. Not doing so will mean danger for the baby and the mother. One should just not depend upon the results of the ultrasound and miss out on the regular visits to the qualified gynae. This is something that is not recommended for any expectant mother. The reason is because those using the fetal monitor may perhaps misinterpret easily the sounds which they hear. There could be different type of sounds taking place within the pregnant woman’s body. At the same time, pinpointing the heartbeat of the baby can also be tough for the parent, something that is better left to the professional physician.


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