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Sleeping options for newborns

Children are a god’s gifts and so when a child arrives in your home there is so much of rejoicing. All of us have a sleep cycle and so do the babies – they also follow a sleep cycle. In case of children you need to ensure that they get sleep for atleast eight hours which is necessary to keep them healthy. If they get optimal amount of sleep then it ensures excellent growth and development of their body and mind. If they get proper sleep they remain happy and playful throughout the day creating lesser stress for their parents.

The newborn babies have their own sleeping positions. One should ensure that the babies should get a natural feel while they are sleeping. Hence one should keep the crib very simple. They should feel comfortable while they sleep. You should avoid covering the baby’s head; this could create suffocation for the baby. Here are some simple positions which are the most common for the newborn.

Sleeping on the back

Healthy babies have a varying sleeping cycles. The best way is to lay them on their back while sleeping. Try and lay them on their back and let them play – once they start playing on their own lying on their back and after some activities they feel tired and start to snooze on their own. This will help the baby to learn sleeping on their own and also sleep for a longer period of time. You need to be very patient while you are following this regime. The babies are accustomed to such methods over a period of time. When the babies are sleeping on the back – it helps better respiration as the airways remain open. According to various medical institutions, the back sleep was the best newborn baby sleeping options and most recommended for the newborn babies. Another problem to be kept in mind while the babies sleep on the back; in the long run the back side of the head of the baby could become flat in the long run.

Sleeping on the stomach

There are many theories and experts who suggest that sleeping on stomach could be a problem for the newborn babies. But this is again amongst the most sought after Newborn Sleeping options. This type of sleeping positions is best for the baby if they have gastro problems. This reflux will help the baby to relieve the extra gas thus keeping the baby happy. You can choose the option for sleeping on the stomach if the baby has any stomach problems, otherwise it can be avoided.

Sleeping on the sides

There are many newborn babies who like to sleep on the sides. Generally when we lay them on the back, but they turn on their sides on their own to have a good sleep. Sleeping on the sides is generally considered not very well for babies. This is because they could have breathing problems. In case of infants there could be pressure on one side having problems while they grow up.

In short the babies should have a good sleep environment in order to get a good sleep. The babies should be wearing light and thin clothing so that they can enjoy while they are sleeping.



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