pregnancy tips

Want to know whether you are pregnant or not? Take a pregnancy test to confirm

Pregnancy tests are physiological tests that help in determining whether or not a woman is pregnant. It is the first step to the journey of motherhood. The moment you miss your period, you can often tell that you are pregnant, especially if you are trying to conceive. If you are convinced that you might be pregnant then there are varieties of ways through which you can take to confirm your pregnancy. Below are different types of pregnancy tests that you can take or get from a doctor:-

Home Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy test is the easiest and the fastest way to confirm your pregnancy. The day you miss your period you can immediately take a pregnancy test at home.

A Home pregnancy test kit contains of a stick and a dropper. For taking the test you need to take drop two to three drops of urine on the stick. Within a minute you would see lines appearing on the indicator section. If you see two lines, it means that you are pregnant and if you see only one line appearing, this means the test is negative. This test determines pregnancy by detecting HCG hormone in the urine. This hormone is only present in your body during the time of pregnancy. The colour on the stick changes the moment it comes in contact with urine. It only takes two to three minutes to detect the results.

It is often recommended that you should take the test atleast two to three times to confirm the pregnancy after you missed your period. You might not find the results on the same day but within a week of missed period.

Pathological test

Blood test is another and an accurate way of determining pregnancy. This test is also done to check the HCG hormone in your body. A blood test can be quantitative and qualitative.

A Quantitative blood test would check the levels of HCG hormone present in your body. This test is usually done when you are unsure of the dates. If the HCG levels are lower or higher than the expected results, then your doctor might ask for more tests to confirm.

Qualitative blood test on the other hand is done to check if the HCG hormone is produced in your body. If the hormones are present, it means that you are pregnant. They are the most accurate form of pregnancy tests because they measure the exact amount of HCG in blood. This test has the ability to determine even the smaller amounts of HCG in blood. That is the reason, it more expensive than the other types of pregnancy tests at doctors like quantitative or urine test.

With blood test you might need to wait a little longer for the results. However, they are the most reliable form of tests as blood test are done by professionals and are blood sample based. Many couples are more inclined towards these tests as compared to the home tests.



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