pregnancy tips

When will you be aware that you are pregnant

One of the frequent questions, that most would be moms ask is when do I show a pregnant belly. Each woman is different and some may start showing as early as 12 weeks( this is especially the case with first-time moms) while in the case of others it may show normal than earlier. It is the case with a woman who would have had become pregnant before and the muscles in the abdomen and uterus are stretched. In the case of others, it can be earlier than this.

Showing pregnancy or revealing it, is determined by the size of the uterus. In the earlier stages of your pregnancy, it is in the shape of a pear. During the course of 12 weeks, it goes on to become rounded until it goes on to resemble the size of a grapefruit. This is the stage where the bump begins to form. When you reach 16 weeks of pregnancy or 4 months the uterus will stretch to resemble the size of a full grown baby. This is that time when your baby hump will really begin to show and it is bound to influence when you start shopping for your maternity clothes. In a case of some woman who is pregnant for the first time, it will not show till they are 20 weeks and it is when the top of the uterus is in line with the level of the belly button. There are a host of other factors that influence when you start to look pregnant

  • When you compare young moms with the older ones, the symptoms start showing up well in advance. The reason for it is that the younger women tend to have tight abdominal muscles.
  • The size of the body. When you compare a skinny woman to heavier ones, pregnancy may not be all that visible. In case of the taller woman, it appears much later
    • The size of the pelvis- the deeper the pelvis tends to be, the later it will tend to emerge. If it is shown later than expected, then you are bound to have a retroved uterus. It also means that the uterus will tilt more than towards the back than the front. In terms of figures about 15 percent of women tend to have the retroved uterus. Though this may not have too much impact in the manner in which your baby grows.
    • Baby size-  if the size of the baby is small it will not show up if you are carrying a large baby. The quotient of amniotic liquid that you are carrying around your baby, can also have a major difference
    • Multiples- if you are carrying more than one baby it will show up much earlier than before

If there is any concern about the size of the bump, your midwife will ask you to go for an ultrasound scan to ensure that you  provide the correct due date. Not only it is the size of the belly, there are other signs where pregnancy starts showing.



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