pregnancy tips

Breastfeed with Ease

With motherhood comes responsibilities and one needs to be prepared for those in advance. In recent times a lot is spoken about post natal care and the importance of well being of the mother as well.  Feeding the new born initially is not a cake walk for the mother or the child. One needs to understand that the process is not known and it does not come naturally to either of the two but no one can deny the importance of the process. Many women prefer to feed the child within an hour of delivery. One of the big challenges faced by the women is the correct way to hold the baby and ensure the feeding process is a pleasant one for both.

To ease the process one can use a special pillow known as breastfeeding pillow. There are many benefits of nursing pillow. The nursing pillows come in different shapes and sizes.  The main usage of this wonder tool is to support the baby in a comfortable way during breastfeeding. Continuous usage can also help keep the strain on the back at bay. Hence this pillow is certainly worth the investment.

It is highly advised to buy this as it can be thought of as an investment for a long time. It can be used as long as the mother feeds the baby herself.  If one chooses to feed the baby for a long time one needs to buy a large size pillow where the child than can be supported. The new mother also needs to consider her size because most of the nursing pillows are to be fitted around the midriff so that the baby can be supported.

O shaped pillows are meant to be wrapped around the body where are haft moon shaped pillows are for side support which may not be very useful. O shaped pillows are used by women who have had a complicated pregnancy or a c section and cannot sit up for long.  The ideal size is that when the woman is around six months pregnant. Pillows in c shape are considered universal fits and fit most women. Make sure that the pillows bought must be easy to clean as well as they tend to get very dirty.

One can also get a cover for same which can be cleaned regularly. Certain pillows also have washable form. However make sure to clean the pillow on a regular basis. How to use a nursing pillow during pregnancy has been made clear time and again. One can now expect some comfort even for activities like feeding where no help is involved. Hence one must make use of it and also let others sailing in the same boat about this wonder tool. This tool also makes sure that the head of the baby remains compact and no injury takes place. The pillow also can use used as a great gifting item to any pregnant woman. Hence go ahead and make a wise investment today. Enjoy the joy of feeding and connecting with your child.






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