pregnancy tips

All you need to know regarding the pregnancy tests

Are you ready for parenthood? If yes, then congratulations! Parenthood is the best thing that can ever happen to you. With it comes lots of responsibility and work and for this, you need to be mentally prepared beforehand. There are many types of pregnancy tests that can be done for you to detect pregnancy. Most of them are done in the doctor’s chamber, many prefer to do it at home and then later confirms it with the doctor.

There are many types of pregnancy tests at doctors. If you are uncomfortable, you could do it at home as well. It is said that you should wait a week after you have missed your period and the pregnancy test must be done for twice, if done at home. Here are some of the facts that you must know about the pregnancy tests. Give it a read.

  • You can rather tell if you are pregnant or not by noticing common pregnancy symptoms. For tests, you must know that consulting a specialist doctor would be the first thing that you should do after the test results have come positive. You will likely get accurate result for the test one day after your missed period.
  • Home Pregnancy Tests are available in digital and stick forms. Remember that you better do your test at home with the first urine of the morning because according to the doctor, the hormones and urine levels will be more concentrated then. Please remember not to do a very early test. If you do that, you might land up with a false result, that is, the result may show negative while you are actually pregnant.
  • Apart from the HPT, you can also avail to have a clinical urine test at your doctor’s chamber. Remember that this way, you will be guided by a professional which will automatically lessen the chances of committing any error. The chances are the same as HPT and the results are almost always accurate. But remember that a clinical urine test is always highly expensive compared to a home pregnancy test.
  • Another method to detect pregnancy is by doing a blood test at a doctor’s office. This way, the hCG detection in your blood will let you know whether you are pregnant or not. The one good thing of doing a blood test to detect pregnancy is the fact that it can also let you know of any additional discrepancies that are there in the mother’s body, if there is any at all. Also, women who have a history of miscarriage beforehand, their hCG falls rapidly and these problems can be detected from the very beginning of pregnancy.
  • Blood tests can detect pregnancy earlier than home tests. But blood tests take much time to let the result be known. Sometime, it may take over a week for the result to come out.


You must be aware of the different types of pregnancy tests for your good. Make sure you are not in hurry and are following the rules with the proper help of a specialist doctor. All the best!


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