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5 appropriate breastfeeding positions

Even though the fundamental breastfeeding technique might seem to be simple, it is something that might not come naturally always for every new mother. It is necessary for you to learn properly and in details about the different breastfeeding positions. This can effectively help you to avoid problems, thus ensuring much more satisfying and successful experience.

Best positions for breastfeeding newborn

This is a question that many women are eager to know, especially those who are to take care of their newborn baby. According to healthcare specialists, there are probably five different positions which are recommended for women to nurse their baby, with each of them having its own merits. It is crucial for the mother to be placed in a comfortable position and get plenty of support. This way, the baby can also be in a comfortable position and there will be proper flow of milk from the mother to the baby, thus offering both with a satisfying experience.

By getting into the best breastfeeding optimal positions, it will be possible on your part to do away with sore nipples and neck. You can try any of them or probably all of them as desired to get the best results.

Know the best positions for breastfeeding

  • Cross cradle hold: You can sit straight up in the chair having armrests. Hold the baby in your arm crook across breast and feed. For right breast, use left arm and vice versa. The baby’s mouth is to be guided to the breast. Do not lean or bend forwards.
  • Cradle hold: As the baby is cradled on the lap, the little one is to lie on its side, resting hip and shoulder with the mouth level with the nipple. Pillows can be used for lifting the baby and to support the elbows. Also, your breast is to be supported. Baby is to be rested on the forearm with its back on your palm and inner arm.
  • Laid back breastfeeding: This position requires you to lie on a couch or bed and support your shoulders and head. The key is to get plenty of support. The baby is to be rested in any position that you feel comfortable. The baby’s cheek is to be rested on the breast and her mouth guided to your nipple.
  • Clutch position: There are many who might have Cesarean babies. If you are one of them, then this position is sure to suit you and your little one. It helps the baby to be kept away from incision. The head of the baby is supported with the hand. You can support his back with your arm and the other arm to support the breast.
  • Side lying position: It is indeed a comfortable way, especially during the initial weeks of the birth of the baby. It is at this time that you need to have more of rest. For maximum comfort use pillows to your back and behind the knees. The baby is to be cradled in the arm and his back along the forearm. Nursing can be easier this way.

The above steps can help you to relax and feed your baby every time he/she is hungry.


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