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Is Zofran recommended for morning sickness during pregnancy?

No prizes for guessing which is one of the most popular drugs for morning sickness and not approved by FDA. Research indicates that mothers who took the drug during the first stages of pregnancy had their babies born with a heart defect. Is this fact more than enough to send shivers down your spine?

The drug is Zofran and is the most prescribed drug for morning sickness. If you have not consumed the drug, then do not Google it. You will panic as the reviews are bound to be a bit scary.


Why Zofran?

About 80 % of pregnant women, tend to suffer from morning sickness. In most cases, the situation is not that severe which goes on to become a cause of concern. In the case of some women, it can pave the way for dehydration or weight loss which can be pretty dangerous for pregnancy. Consumption of Zofran while pregnant 2016, is not a bad idea, but you need to understand what is the drug all about. It is a brand name of Ondansetron, which is used for preventing vomiting or nausea caused by surgery or cancer treatment. It works pretty well, so no wonders of why it is used for preventing morning sickness. Off label, it can be used for many drugs. Morning sickness is likely to occur during the stages of pregnancy , the numbers which can lead to birth defects numbers start linking Zofran to birth defects phones do not stop ringing at the law offices or doctors chamber.


What is to be done?

Zofran and pregnancy 2016, indicate on consumption of it , the baby will be fine. But the overall thought process is that it is better avoided. There are much safer alternatives in the market to avoid morning sickness. In the year 2013, the FDA went on to approve a drug Diclegis for morning sickness and the drug is a consortium of antihistamine and vitamin B. It works out to be a safe alternative and some other options in this regard are

  • Do not jump straight out of bed in the morning. Instead lie down a little on the bed and  go on to consume a few crackers
  • Your intake of fluids should increase and  eat small as well as light meals
  • Fatty and spicy foods are a strict no
  • If you are feeling nausea go on to consume some ginger
  • As far as possible go on to avoid foods which make you uneasy
  • A veggie Pop will not be a bad idea. It happens to a product which can be termed as a lollipop and incorporated out of ginger, lavender, mint and sour fruit

So are you ready to go! There is no need to press the panic button and there is no need to take Zofran if you have consumed everything else first. Consult your doctor if you are feeling morning sickness. Being dehydrated or weak is not the solution as it may have serious complications in your pregnancy.


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