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The reasons for babies turning their head upside down during the stages of pregnancy?

32 weeks have touched? It is that time when the head of the baby is facing towards the birth canal. Till this point of time, it was easy for the baby, to rotate their heads up and down position. This stage in medical science is referred to as cephalic presentation as there is ample amount of space in the uterus. Some babies have their head position down much later and this could even before a few minutes of labor pain. The process of movement of the fetus to a cephalic presentation is termed as a baby drop, lightening or head enlargement.

Now the question that might strike your mind why is head down position baby during pregnancy important? The main reason for it is that the labor will be shorter and the pregnancy becomes easier as baby’s  head come out first.

The various types of cephalic presentation

Vertex presentation

One of the most popular types of configuration in case of singletons. The back of the baby usually faces the tummy and the face points towards the spine. It is one of the best positions for birth as the baby is lined up as it will fit through your pelvis as easily as possible. It so happens that sometimes the head of the baby is tilted towards the side and this is not bound to cause a problem.

Face presentation

If the head is extended, the face becomes the focal point. It accounts for less than 1 % of representations at term and it a feature which is common for the premature babies. In an uncomplicated presentation of this type, the labor duration is not altered.

Brow presentation

This happens when the face and the neck of the baby are extended as if the baby is starting up. It is all the more common among postmature babies.

How to enable the baby in a different head down position?

If the baby has not gone on to reach a cephalic position by 36 weeks, there are some steps which can be taken at your end to change the position of the baby. Before you proceed ahead, it is suggested that you share your plan and have a detailed discussion with your health professional

  • Change your stance to a powerful sitting position. The pelvis should be tilted forward while sitting and the knees should never be above the hips. This happens to be an optimum fetal position and helps your baby to get into an anterior position with ease
  • When you are sitting in your car, use a cushion to make the knees come under your hips
  • There is no need to panic if your baby gets into an awkward position while sleeping. Ideally, you should go to sleep on the left side.
  • Do not sit for extended hours and always make it a point to be active. It is suggested that you walk as it helps the baby to turn and stay vertex.

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