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The various types of pregnancy tests

For all women, out there, the first thing on your mind is how can I tell I am pregnant. There are different types of pregnancy tests in the medical world which will detect the early signs of pregnancy. Let us hereby go on to analyze the various types of pregnancy tests.

Home pregnancy tests

They are available in standard or digital stick forms. The digital ones can be used, up to 6 days of your missed periods, whereas in the case of standard stick test can be used till 4 days of your missed period. Please note that if you test a bit early, then it will show a false negative result. In such a case, even though you are pregnant, the result will show negative.

The test should be done in the morning as your urine or hormone levels are highly concentrated then. This does not mean that accurate results will emerge. If the result is negative, you can again try a few days later, after your period has not started. If there is a faint line, the chances are likely for you to be pregnant.

In the types of pregnancy tests, the digital tests are normally used earlier and produce results faster than the standard test kits. Women tend to prefer such tests, as they clearly flash the results, pregnant or nonpregnant on the LCD screen. You should keep in mind that such tests are expensive and you may need some of them. They are accurate near to 51 % if they are used 4 days before the expected date of periods.

Urine test

The urine test is performed at the office of a doctor. They are principally based on HCG detection and are accurate most of the time. The only difference is that with the help of a professional you are more likely to eradicate any error which may have a bearing on the accuracy of the test. This test is likely to cost you more than an HPT test.

Blood tests

These tests are undertaken at the chamber of the doctor. In the test, a woman is checked whether there is the presence of HCG as blood tests can detect it earlier than a routine urine test. However, they are more expensive than the home tests and the results take a wee bit longer

The first type of blood test is qualitative HCG blood test. In this test, it is determined whether there is any HCG in the body or not. A simple yes or no will give the answer to whether you are pregnant or not.

Then comes the qualitative Beta HCG blood test which is the most accurate of all the pregnancy tests. In this test, the level of HCG in your blood is determined. As the concentration of HCG can be determined, it can also throw light on any problems that may arise during the course of pregnancy.


The expense of a blood test will depend on the clinic you choose and the insurance cover you have in place.


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