pregnancy tips

A glance at the best positions pertaining to breastfeeding

Though the basic technique for breastfeeding may sound simple, it does not occur naturally. If you are educated about the best positions for breastfeeding, it can eradicate problems, and ensure a more satisfying and pleasant experience. Now what is the best position for baby while breastfeeding. At least 5 positions are recommended for nursing mothers, and each one of them has their merits along with demerits with it. It is important for all the breastfeeding mothers to be comfortable in a situation which gives them plenty of support. You can start by sitting or resting in a manner which goes on to provide support for your back along with arms, and if possible allows you to put your arms up.


You could keep the baby close to you so that they do not have to turn their head to nurse. Ideally the face should be facing the nipple and the back of the infant should be supported so that the chin goes on to face your breast. Bring the baby up to the nipple, so the nose touches. Hunching or bending over to feed could be tough on your back or neck and could result in sore nipples. If the baby latches on to your nipples in that manner it is bound to hurt and you could remove gently and try all over again.

Cross cradle position

The best position, maybe cross cradle and the baby are  held in the crook of the arms, across the breast from where you are feeding from. The mouth of the baby has to be guided to the breast and not bend too much or lean forward.

The cradle hold

When you cradle the baby on your lap, they should be lying on your lap. If the need arises ,you can use a pillow to lift the baby or support your elbows. This sort of support may be needed in the first few weeks of the pregnancy when the baby is too small. One may also need to support the breast and some techniques in this regard may also be useful.

Breastfeeding in a laid back manner

 In this position one tends to lay back on a couch or a bed in such a way that it supports your head or shoulders. Here being comfortable and getting as much  support as possible is the key.

The clutch position

In case of moms who have had a caesarean form of delivery this position may work out to be the most comfortable. This is because it keeps the baby away from the incision and the baby should be facing you with his mouth at the nipple height. If the baby is small, pillows may be needed to bring it up to the correct height

Position of side lying

In the early weeks of pregnancy it is one of the most comfortable positions of nursing when you need to rest more at night. The mother and the baby lie on the sides facing each other.


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