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Can the gender of a baby be predicted with the help of a chart

There was a time when you had to wait for a baby to be born in figuring out whether it was a boy or a girl. This dark age of waiting for such a concept to emerge was a few decades ago. With the help of ultrasounds along with a series of tests,  the results were accurate in determining the gender of a baby. Ironically, a lot of grandparents did not want the gender of the baby to be known till they popped out of the delivery room. What is the major surprise! It was of no use as the choice was restricted to a boy or a girl and this is not much of a major surprise of sorts.

The old methods of testing

Before ultrasounds arrived, and the test of the blood of the mother referred to as cell free DNA metal testing, there were a host of methods of predicting the gender of a baby. If you were carrying the baby high on your abdomen then it was a boy and when it was low, it was a girl. In case if a linea niagra on your abdomen, runs past the button of your belly, it is a sign that you are carrying a boy. In addition to this there was also a method where a pregnant woman lay on the floor and someone dangled a ring or a thread over her belly. If the ring started to move in a straight line, then you are having a boy and in case if it started moving in circles then you are having a girl.

The major trouble with all these methods is that it works similar to the  stature of flipping a coin. You are at 50 % of a shot of being right, when you predict the sex of a baby whichever method you are bound to use.

The newest methods of predicting

In recent times, the internet is buzzing  with a new method known as a Chinese Predicator gender chart. It is in the form of an intricate chart, and works on the date when you got pregnant to figure out whether you are having a boy or a girl. In this chart the chances of accuracy shoots as high as up to 90 %. The trick is to be aware on which lunar month you were born in, rather than your calendar month. Though there are a couple of sites which go on to show your prediction, there are simple methods where one needs to plug in the birth date and the expected date of pregnancy.

The Chinese Gender predictor is more than 700 years old, and is kept by the royal servants of the palace who were basically eunuchs .

Now the question is how accurate is this method? Different points of view have emerged and there is still confusion on whether the lunar month or the calendar method needs to be adopted in the first place.


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