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Know why the pregnancy results might get wrong

Are you planning to go through a pregnancy test? And not sure whether it’s too early or too late? If yes, then don’t worry. There are many possibilities that pregnancy tests might produce wrong results when they are carried at home. This is why it is always advisable for you to check twice or thrice before being sure about the result.

Getting pregnancy test false negative is not pretty much uncommon these days. Learn what are the causes behind this error that can occur from time to time. Read on.

  • The false negative result is when you are really pregnant but the result comes out as negative. This is not at all uncommon. According to the doctors, there are specific reasons behind this mistake. First of all, if you do the pregnancy test too early, it becomes problematic for the digital pregnancy kit to detect the hCG in your urine. Generally, the hCG that is present in our urine are started to come into being usually 6 to 1 days after ovulation. So, if the result comes negative, make sure you do a double-check on it some days later if you are still missing the period.
  • If you are not sure about when was the last time your menstrual cycle had begun in the last month, we advise you to do a repeat check after at least 7 days later. This way, the chance of getting a false negative result gets reduced.
  • Sometimes, it so happens that the result shows that you are pregnant where in the reality you are not. This is uncommon, but may occur due to some strange things. This is called a false positive test. Learn what causes the false positive pregnancy test.
  • Firstly, it may so happen that you have not been able to follow the instructions properly. If you don’t follow the instructions in a proper way, your results might come wrong. So the basic rule is to follow the written instructions step by step in the most possible accuracy.
  • Sometimes, because of the presence of Phantom hCG, the test result might come positive. There are several reasons that could be cited behind the appearance of this false hCG. One of them is when you do a pregnancy test just after suffering from a miscarriage. The hCG left in your urine might get detected therefore producing a false result for this time.
  • Medicines that you have taken as a part of infertility problem can produce hCG and be the most effective cause for giving a false alert of getting pregnant.
  • Minor health issues like pituitary glands for menopausal women, a tumour, and molar pregnancy can also produce hCG in your urine. So, basically there can be a lot of unwarranted reasons for your body to produce hCG.
  • It so happens that ectopic pregnancy or problems with your ovaries might also cause false result in pregnancy detection.

This is all you should know about why a pregnancy test can be wrong. consult a specialist doctor soon and get it sorted.


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