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The process of breastfeeding after the course of a surgery

As a woman, you would have had breast surgery or some time. This may include breast reduction to reduce the size of your breasts or breast augmentation to increase the size of the same. Now the question is can you breastfeed after a surgery? Yes indeed you can breastfeed after surgery, but how successful you are will depend upon the type of surgery and how it was performed. Even if one is able to produce a decent amount of milk, then also it will be good for your baby if you plan to implement it with some sort of formula.

Milk happens to be produced in the glandular tissue of the breast and then goes on to travel to the nipples with what are referred to as milk ducts. If the surgery is on the milk ducts what really matters is whether your milk ducts were being interrupted in any way or not. In case of some surgery milk ducts may be cut, whereas in case of others it may not be the same. For a matter of fact, even if milk ducts are cut, they may heal after a surgery and produce milk

Can you breastfeed with implants or if you had any surgery in the past, then it is better to consult your doctor on whether you can go on to breastfeed the baby. If possible, go on to produce the medical records of your surgery. Make it a point to ensure that the pediatrician is aware that you have had a breast surgery and are breastfeeding so that they are paying a close attention to the growth of the baby.

The augmentation of the breasts

The surgery relating to increasing the size of the breasts involves silicone implants. Normally they are placed beneath the natural tissue of your breasts, or beneath the muscles of your chest. This answers the question Can I breastfeed with implants as women who have been part of this surgery have gone on to produce enough amount of milk.

The implants are not known to interfere with the process of producing milk, as they are under your natural breast tissue, and if they are inserted they might as well cause some problem. To avoid any visible marks on the breasts, the surgeons undertake this surgery through an incision at the edge of an areola which is the bumpy tissue around the breasts. This could interfere with the milk ducts along with the process of milk supply.

Breast reduction

In this process the breasts are surgically removed, and then it is reconstructed into a smaller size. It all depends on the size of the breasts and how much you want to reduce them in the first place. It can be extensive and it goes on to involve the nipples as well as the areola which can go on to damage the mil ducts in a big way.

One thing is sure that all surgeries are bound to reduce the amount of milk which you produce.


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