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Things you should know about different types of pregnancy tests

If you are pregnant and not sure about it, don’t worry. There are many essential things about pregnancy tests that you should be knowing if you are ready to be a parent. So, here are some of the facts that we will be telling you to get acquainted with the different types of pregnancy tests which are there for you to try out.

Types of pregnancy tests at doctors should always be done once you are quite sure about your pregnancy. Give it a read.

  • Pregnancy tests are basically of two types. One is Home Pregnancy Test (HTP) which is a simple method which can be carried out at home only. For this, the first day after you have missed your period should be enough. Please be aware that this test should not be done too early. Otherwise, it might end up providing you wrong result which means the result will come negative where you are pregnant.
  • Doctors and specialists advise that the HTP should be done twice just to make sure that the test has been carried out following the exact methods. Try to do your test with the first urine of the morning as the hormones remain most concentrated at that time. Follow the instructions that are written on the digital pregnancy kit step by step. Once you get the result, after two days, go for the second test. What is most important is that, if you are not satisfied about the result or still are unsure about it, do not be late in consulting a specialist doctor.
  • The next step in getting the accurate result is visiting a specialist doctor. Tell your doctor about your menstrual cycle and the date you have missed. Clinical urine test is costlier than the HPT and is dependent upon the hCG of the HTP. This way, you will be getting more or less accurate results. Furthermore, with the assistance of a trained hand, the methods that could have gone wrong at home, get minimalized at the doctor’s chamber.
  • Blood Test is the third type of test that are done in order to detect pregnancy. The blood test that are done at the doctor’s chambers or hospitals, give the most accurate result. Though it is more expensive compared to HTP, it also comes in handy for some different reasons. There are two types of Blood tests that are used to detect pregnancy. One is Qualitative hCG Blood Test, the other being Quantitative hCG Blood Test.
  • Whereas, in Qualitative hCG Blood Test, if hCG is detected in your blood, it proves that you are pregnant. But in Quantitative hCG Blood Test, the level of hCG present in your blood can indicate if you have additional complications in your body apart from being pregnant. Remember, that the Blood test takes time but is famous for providing the most accurate result.

Types of pregnancy tests at home is important to know for your own safety. Once you are quite sure about it, do not forget to visit the doctor as soon as possible.


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