pregnancy tips

Why to avoid pesticides during the course of pregnancy?

Pregnancy and pesticides go on to pose several questions and all this for a good reason. Significant exposure to pesticides is a cause of concern for adults, children and more so for expectant mothers. Garden insects, cockroaches or spiders are some of the reasons on why women spray pesticides around their homes. Pesticides are known to contain chemicals which attack the nervous system of the insects and cause them to die. During the earlier stages of pregnancy the nervous system of the baby is slowly developing, and obviously you would want to stop any contact with pesticides at this point of time. The fetus, which is in a developing stage, is extremely vulnerable. There is bound to be rampant changes in the uterus. When there is constant exposure to pesticides at this stage of pregnancy, it is bound to do more harm than good.

So on all counts, pesticides during pregnancy have to be avoided. Some measures which you can go on and adopt at your end are as follows

Consumption of organic foods and this is vegetables and fruits

Restrict your consumption of organic food as certified by the Department of agriculture US. If you are new to the concept of organic food or cannot come across food of your liking, there is a list of 12 foods referred to as dirty dozen and you should go on to avoid them as they are known to contain the highest amount of pesticides. Make it a point that it is washed or organically grown food on all counts.

Pesticides in your home are a strict no

 At indoors, take preventive measures to keep the pesticides at bay. Ants or rodents look at places to eat or hide in your home at the same time ,particularly in the bathroom or the kitchen. Vacuum your room regularly, keeps the food away and go on to seal the small openings in the windows, floor or windows to keep the insects at bay where you automatically block their entry. When it is outdoors, choose organic or dig out weeds or you can go on to adopt slow releasing pesticides which can minimize pesticides and keep the insects at bay. You can get in touch with the neighbors association around your house and figure out what pest control measures they have gone on to adopt. If they use pesticides, keep your doors or windows closed when they spray. You need to take your shoes off when you come indoors to avoid tracking in residue. Some other tips to protect against pesticides are as follows.

  • Pesticides should not be used inside or outside your house during the stages of pregnancy. Children should be kept away from areas that have been infected with pesticides
  • If you are pregnant and live in an area where agricultural site where pesticides are sprayed very often, then it would be a better idea to move away from the area during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

The above mentioned measures would be of immense help to avoid pesticides during pregnancy.


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