pregnancy tips

A glance at the various types of pregnancy tests

When is a home pregnant? Some early signs of pregnancy can be found, but the best course of action would be to rush to a doctor and confirm the facts.  In fact, you can undertake various types of pregnancy tests at home as well.

Home pregnancy tests

They are available in standard or digital stick mode. In case of the former you can use it 4 days before your missed period, whereas in the case of the latter it is 6 days from skipping your periods. Please note the fact that if the test is done too early, then the chances of negative results is there. A false result means that you are pregnant, but the results just indicate the opposite.

Ideally the test should be conducted the first thing in the morning as your hormone or blood levels is bound to be more concentrated then. This in no way means that the results will be accurate. In another way you can collect the sample of your urine in a clean container. The absorbent tip should be dipped into the collected urine sample for 20 seconds only. If the test is negative, then try the test again after a few days if you have missed your periods.  If there is a faint line, the chances are that you are pregnant.

The digital tests can be conducted earlier, are more sensitive and provide results faster than the standard stick tests. Some woman also, prefers such tests as the results in the form of pregnant or non pregnant are clearly displayed on the screen. But you need to consider the fact that digital tests are expensive and you would need to have many of them. They are accurate more than half the time.

Clinical urine test

This test can also be performed in the chamber of a doctor. It is based on the simple principle of HCG detention, as the HPT is essentially accurate. One of the major differences is that with the help of a professional you will be able to eradicate any errors which could have a bearing on the accuracy of the test. You need to bear in mind that a clinical urine test wills you more than HPT which depends on your co payments.

Blood tests

In these types of pregnancy tests as the name suggests blood is taken at the doctor’s chamber. Whether HCG in your blood is there is determined in the first case as blood tests are known to detect it much earlier than the urine tests. In this there are two types of tests, the first is the HCG blood test where it checks whether there is any amount of HCG which is being produced in your body or not. It simply says a yes or no to whether you are pregnant. Then comes the BCG blood test which is among the most  accurate of all the blood tests. It goes on to measure the specific level of HCG in your blood levels.


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