pregnancy tips

Items to be prepared for your journey to labor room?

Being prepared rather than showcasing a sorry face is the new mantra. It is one of the golden rules to follow when you are in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, and your due date is approaching fast. If one is nearing the eighth month of their pregnancy, then prepare to carry a bag with you to the hospital or the birthing center. The time frame in between your contractions, are not the time to start throwing things to your carryall. Ideally get the bag ready a month ahead of the due date as you do not want to forget things when you are in a rush. It would be great if you can keep it by your front door if you have someone driving you to the hospital.

So when you pack your bag for labor what is the most important thing? It obviously is the paperwork which you would need. Ensure you carry along with you your health insurance card, your photo id or any information which your hospital requires. In case if you have a birth plan, then print it and bring it along with you. Pack a bathrobe, slippers which should not slip a couple of nightgowns along with socks. The night gowns that you will bring along with you should be loose and not restrict your movements in any way. You should not also not mind in throwing it off, if they do get messed up at any point of time.

Carry along with you two changes of comfortable clothes, along with a pair of comfortable flat shoes. Once again a strict no to any form of tight clothes. You need to take note of the fact that you are not going to be the same after pregnancy in terms of size and hence it is better to wear clothes which you wore in your second trimester. As part of your hospital checklist carry a couple of bras with you. They will support you when the milk comes along and do not forget the nursing pads. You can carry along with your cotton undies, though many hospitals go on to provide disposable underwear.

For the baby

Bring along with you an outfit so that you can carry the baby home. If the weather is warm or cold, ensure that you do bring along with you a blanket. It should be a receiving blanket and though hospitals may provide you with one, but it is good if you happen to carry it along with you. Perhaps the most important thing for the baby is a properly installed car seat.

What to leave at home

Do not carry any form of jewellery when you visit the hospital and it is better to leave them in the privacy of your home. It is easy to lose it and there is no one to be held responsible as well. It is suggested that you carry money in small amounts and do not bring a large chunk of cash.


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