pregnancy tips

Take Precautions during pregnancy

Taking precautions during pregnancy is necessary for both women and baby as they will come across with those things which they have to avoid during this journey. Yoga is best for them during pregnancy as it will help them in making their body flexible along with making them fit and fine. Most of the yoga centers are offering many courses in this related field during precious time. Most of the pregnant women are instructed to avoid yoga in this period because they are responsible for reducing blood flow in the uterus.

 Why yoga is not good?

 Women are instructed not to use any kind yoga pose during pregnancy as it is not safe for mother and baby. Yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy will be directed by the doctors as which pose is safe or unsafe for them. According to the studies it has seen that yoga poses will not create any kind of problem during pregnancy as they are known to be the best exercise which makes women fit during this period.

 Women who are taking yoga classes during this period are provided with yoga instructors who will take better care of women during pregnancy time. Along with that these instructors will impart safe yoga poses for pregnancy which will prove benefit for women along with baby. Instructors will not instruct those poses which will create problem in pregnant women.

Before it was assumed that these yoga poses will increase fetal rate which is not good for babies. Researchers have found that the fetal rate of the child remain normal at the time of yoga. It was also assumed that yoga will prove not good for women as it will lead to vaginal bleeding along with high fetal rate. But studies have shown that there is no harm in doing yoga poses as it will not lead to any kind of problem during pregnancy.

Yoga can be instructed according to the present conditions of the women. If women are healthy at the time of pregnancy then they are guided to take yoga during this period as it will make them fit during pregnancy stage. Along with that those women who are unhealthy are prescribed to do yoga not more than one hour.  It has also seen that blood flow rate is not more in pregnant women after they have done yoga.

 Thus yoga depends fully on the health condition of women. If they are good and healthy then they can easily take yoga as it will not create any kind of problem. On the other side if women are facing up with some complications then she should consult their doctors first before going for any yoga pose.

One thing that works out to be a blessing in disguise as far as yoga is concerned, is that it goes on to provide mental and physical overall well being of an individual. You need to practice it on  a regular basis to derive the benefits of it in the long run.


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