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Come across with Yoga poses that are safe in pregnancy!

We all know that yoga is very useful for our body where it provides fitness exercise along with providing the main benefits of relaxation. You will come across with many yoga classes that are offering prenatal yoga classes which are best for women in fitness point of view. But pregnant women are instructed to avoid yoga poses that are not good for them during pregnancy. These are the main poses which will include lying poses that may seem like a  risk to their body. The main reason behind that was increasing  in blood flow to the uterus.

Yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy will also tend in increasing fetal heart rate, which seems to be risky. But on the other hand  we can take the  positive effects it will bring fitness and energy to the body and makes them active during state of pregnancy. According to latest studies ,these poses will be considered safe during pregnancy. It has also seen that most of the women took  taken yoga in the  last stage of pregnancy and found to be safe after taking their complete yoga sessions. These pregnant women are also noticed about the oxygen levels and other major conditions.

Now one of the major questions which goes on to have an impact on the pregnant woman is yoga safe during the course of pregnancy. Say for example, if you are a part of a regular yoga class it is suggested that you communicate to your teacher that you are pregnant and which trimester you are in. it is suggested that you should not undertake any asanas on your back after the first trimester as this can reduce the blood flow to the uterus. But having said so , yoga does have a lot of benefits for the pregnant woman along with their babies.

It is also noticed that fetal heart rate remains normal or unchanged when women are taking safe yoga poses for pregnancy. They are also kept under observation after taking their yoga sessions in order to find about fetal movement, fluid leakage or any kind of vaginal bleeding. It is  a small study where only healthy women are tested during this crucial time. According to the second study which is conducted in American journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, reported good points about yoga. Women who have not taken yoga before are instructed to take yoga classes for 1 hour in order to find out the problems which are occurring place for taking yoga sessions.

 Researchers have found out that there is no change in fetal blood flow just after taking yoga sessions. It means yoga is safe in nature. Apart from that it also instructed that healthy women can take up yoga sessions nicely and weaker one have to take precautions as they can take up yoga classes for short duration so that they will not get affected easily. It is better for women to take up yoga classes but under your doctor’s guidance for yoga sessions.


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