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What do you mean by HCG beta Numbers?

When you are moving for pregnancy test, you have to pee on the stick which confirms you pregnant after seeing second line. In other case if you had before any pregnancy loss or had undergone with any fertility treatment, then you have to consult your obstetrician for better treatment. In before weeks, it involves some kind of testing of hormone known as HCG beta. This is the hormone which gives the result of positive pregnancy test done at home. It is the good test which informs you that you are pregnant or not. HCG test is conducted to find out the actual amount of hormone in the blood.

 What are  HCG beta numbers?

 It is a kind of hormone which is produced by dividing the cells of placental of the embro. The main role of this hormone is to stimulate the corpus luteum ,which is a kind of structure that is created when the  ovary releases an egg and continues to produce estrogen along with progesterone. These hormones are important as they will perform the main role of maintaining the endometrial lining.

The levels of HCG beta can be easily seen in blood test around 11 days after conception and 14 days after urine test.

 The Levels of HCG test includes in different week in 3 week sit seems very low around 5-50mlU/mL and in 40 weeks around 117000. We have seen the great difference between women at some point. When women are going for the first test their beta number HCG test will be taken into consideration by your doctor. In that case second one tells you about your pregnancy weather it is viable or not. You will come across with the great difference in HCG level, which can double after 3 -4 days in almost 85% in pregnancy in which HCG level is around 1200mlU/mL. After reaching 1200mlU/mL, doubling time after 6000 increases in 3 – 4 days and approx time is assumed is 96 hours.

 In some cases ,if HCG beta is not doubling after the first week of pregnancy. Then in that case your pregnancy is ectopic which means it is taking out of the uterus. In this type of pregnancy , there  is  a slow rise in HCG beta. Apart from that women may also have blighted ovum in where only  the gestational sac takes development but the embryo is not possible. Pregnancy is normal in this condition, but in this case slow development takes place. Don’t ignore this part and consult your doctors  to have  a  healthy pregnancy.

If your HCG- Beta numbers are on the higher side, in a lot of ways it would mean that you might be having a molar pregnancy. This type of pregnancy normally occurs when there is an error in the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. Luckily these form of pregnancies are rare and if molar pregnancy does occur it can be removed by suction. If the baby is a girl, the HCG beta numbers will be high.


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