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Come across with the benefits of nursing pillows

After child delivery, the first job of the mother is to start breastfeeding soon,it is said that the first milk which is secreted at the time of childbirth is known as Colostrum which is good for baby’s health. The mother will come across with different options when they start feeding their new born baby. Among them breast pump is famous and known by many women. Apart from that, nursing pillow is the best option which helps the mothers in feeding their child. This pillow is also known by the name as breastfeeding pillow as it will help you to adjust according to the position of the baby when they are moving for feeding.

Nursing Pillow

How to use a nursing pillow during pregnancy

Nursing pillow plays an important part during pregnancyas it helps the women who are suffering from backaches along with discomforts which are mostly faced by women while sleeping. The conditions become worst at the last stage of pregnancy when your bump is large. Most of the women use nursing pillows at this time as it will help them to relive from the problem of backaches. These pillows can be kept in between your legs in order to provide more comfort. They can also be kept under your belly at the time of sleeping.

Benefits of nursing pillow

Some of the benefits of nursing pillow will include: –

Best at the time of breastfeeding– It will help the mother during breastfeeding time. It will help the women to catch baby easily. During breastfeeding, mother and baby position is important as both of them should be in comfort while feeding.  It is mostly taken up by those women who has aC-section delivery

Provide relaxation and comfort– Nursing pillow provides relaxation and comfort to the baby and mother. As the nursing pillow will allow mother to hold their babies head from back, which provides comfort mode to the babies when they are breastfeeding.

Helps in bottle feeding– This pillow will help the baby in bottle feeding where they can easily put their heads on it while bottle feeding. Nursing pillow will give support to baby’s head.

Supports them at the time of crawling– These pillows will support baby at the time of crawling where these pillows are used to support baby’s stomach and back at the time of sitting.

After the first few weeks of delivery, breastfeeding is bound to become easier and you and your baby are not going to need the pillow any more. But it does come in handy when the baby starts moving around as it work out to be a viable source of support during the tummy time of the baby and to aid the process of standing up as well.

Thu nursing pillow is helpful in both stages pre and post pregnancy. But it does go on to pose a challenge for the first-time moms as per the recent publications.


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