pregnancy tips

Pregnancy tests: ensuring motherhood

Motherhood is the best feeling of a girl. Holding own baby in arms is the best happiness which cannot be compared with any other feelings in this world. Thus, to ensure the happiness of being a mother or parent, some types of pregnancy tests at home or doctor’s clinics are done.

Various types of tests confirming pregnancy

The early signs of pregnancy can be checked through mostly three types of tests, as,

  1. Pregnancy tests at home– There are various types of home pregnancy test kits easily available from any drugstore. Testing through this home test kits are very cheap to ensure pregnancy for the first time. Different brands are providing these test kits in digital and standard stick forms pregnancy test kits. Complete instructions are written in the user manual provided with the kit. The digital test can be used up to 6 days before the missed period and the standard stick test kit can be used up to 4 days before the missed period. The user in the morning should drop few drops of urine and wait for few minutes or seconds as per instructions. If the result comes negative or a faint line comes the user should try after few days. If it comes positive then the user must visit a doctor’s clinic to test further.

In the case of digital tests, it can be used much earlier and results tend to emerge much faster than the standard sticks. Women tend to prefer the digital ones as the results of pregnancy are flashed on the screen whether pregnant or not pregnant. You just need to take into account that the digital tests are more expensive and you would need some of them for sure.

  1. Urine test at doctor’s clinic- This urine test kits cannot be found in local drugstore. Thus, to test through urine test one should avail a doctor’s clinic. In the clinic, a professional will test the urine of the expectant with accuracy. This type of pregnancy tests at doctors chamber are more preferred because professional help eradicates the chance of any major goof ups.

  1. Blood test– The blood test performed at doctor’s clinic is the ultimatum and the most accurate resultant of a pregnancy test. The result of the test is accurate as the test is administered by a professional always. At many places the test is free. But this can be problem for some people at sometimes. As they have to spend a lot of time in the chamber. There they have to fill form as a credential. The tests can be expensive than the home test kits. After the tests the user has to wait for a long time. There are two different types of blood tests. Those are qualitative hCG blood test and quantitative beta hCG blood test. The most accurate in the lot is quantitative beta hCG blood test. The specific level of hCG in the blood can be measured through it.

These are the major types of pregnancy tests, now the choice is on you to opt for which one.


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