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Why pregnancy test results come wrong often?

To be a mother is a sentimental issue for every girl. To be sure about pregnancy ladies test through various methods available. The test can be through test kits available in drugstore and by various tests in doctor’s clinics. But the scenario gets bitter when the pregnancy test false negative emerges.

Let us now answer a simple question on how many of us have gone on to perform more than one pregnancy test at home. Be it a three pack being full aware of the fact that more than one test is enough. The question is if we are crazy or find it difficult to rely on the results of one single pregnancy test. It is just to cross check and be sure of the fact that you are pregnant.

What are the causes behind the false results?

There is a possibility the result become negative is when someone testing through pregnancy kit at home. Pregnancy test through blood test and urine test is much more reliable than the home pregnancy test. They give more accurate result than the other one. There are various causes behind the false results in home pregnancy tests.

  1. Error because of human- It is very obvious of missing any step prescribed in pregnancy kit at home due to anxiousness. And missing a step in the process recommended can be easily leads to false result. Thus, it is very important to follow each and every step in proper order and with consciousness to ensure a good reading. One should take the test in the day and time which is given in direction. The best time to take a pregnancy test is in the morning but drinking too much water will make a hindrance in the way of accuracy.
  2. Timing- Another major problem of inaccuracy of the result is time. It is recommended not to wait for a long time after collecting a urine sample as it interfere the reading. The urine sample should be used within 45 minutes of ejection. Then another problem arises when the user gets very restless during the test to know the result. Enough time should be given to the test to develop a correct and reliable result. The expiry date of the kit should be checked.
  3. Ectopic pregnancy- It is a very problematic pregnancy as the eggs are fertilized somewhere other than the uterus. Thus, the level of hCG is interfered and remain unable to give an accurate reading. Women having this situation experience extreme pain in pelvic or abdomen area.
  4. Various medications– Different medicines are available those are recommended a big no-no for usage. As these drugs contain no hCG and produce inaccuracies during pregnancy tests. Birth control pills should not be taken in a daily basis by any lady. Other medicines such as some allergy drug, phenergan, some diuretics and tranquilizers can make a problem in pregnancy tests.

The following discussion till now just throws light on the fact that why a pregnancy test can be wrong in the first place.


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