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Advantages Of Using A Nursing Pillow

The arrival of a newborn baby is bestowed with happiness, nervousness along with a sense of excitement. New mothers are happy and at the same time exhausted after delivery. They are about to venture into the breastfeeding mode. Colostrums are the first milk which is secreted at the time of birth, is beneficial for the health of the baby.

Many items are there which help mothers to breastfeed the newborns.  Some of them are popular like a breast pump. But not many of them are aware of the use of a simple device and benefits of a nursing pillow are immense. It is important as it is the position by which you will hold the baby and how you sit are critical for a proper latch.

Firstly, during pregnancy, back pain along with other discomforts is a common occurrence among pregnant women. It worsens in the last stages of pregnancy when baby hump is large. The nursing pillow can be used for supporting your back; it can also be kept under your legs to make you comfortable. In addition to this you can keep it under your belly when you are sleeping by the side.

If you have decided to make use of the sleeping pillow, then congratulations!  Your life is bound to become a tinge easier as when you use the nursing pillow you need to make the best use of it. Breastfeeding is a time where the focus of attraction will be babies. So switch off all the distractions and concentrate on a quiet spot where you can feed your baby. The pillow should be put around your waist or backrest towards your back as well.

How to use a nursing pillow during pregnancy or breastfeeding

  • The baby is able to latch on properly. The position of the body is important for a proper latch. It can be attained easily with the help of a nursing pillow. The mother along with the baby will be comfortable during breastfeeding, especially if you have delivered via C section
  • Contributes to the process of bottle feeding. The head of the baby will be supported nicely when you use a nursing pillow and it will help to feed him or her comfortably.
  • Relief from influx is provided. Most of the modern day babies suffer from colic and they are very fussy about it. When you hold up the baby, while feeding it will give them comfort from reflux. With the help of a nursing pillow, the head of the baby will be in the correct position whereby the discomforts from reflux will be avoided.
  • The older babies can use it as well. After the first few weeks, the process of breastfeeding will become comfortable and you and your baby will no longer need the nursing pillow. But it can become handy after a certain point of time when the baby starts moving around. It can be used as a source of support for the baby’s tummy as well as standing up.



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