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What Is Cesarean Section Delivery?

Cesarean Section Delivery is a kind of surgical procedure which is done in order to deliver a baby through an incision made in  a woman’s abdomen covering the uterus area. This is known by the name as Cesarean Section. How did Cesarean sections get their name ? Now you will come across as, how it got  the name.

 There are many parts of  the body which is named after those people who have described them. It will include Fallopian along with Eustachian tubes respectively. There are some kinds of procedures which are named after the people who had developed them like Heimlich maneuver which is named for Henry Heimlich. But Cesarean delivery will not come under this category.

The theory behind Cesarean Sections is that it is named after the name of Julius Caesar ,who had been born with Cesarean Section Delivery. The link between Julius Caesar and Cesarean Section comes from the script of roman historian Pliny the Elder which was published in the  10 century. According to Byzantine encyclopedia it says that Caesar’s mother, Aurelia, died in the last month of pregnancy and her stomach was cut open in order to give birth to her son. This answers our question on why it is called a cesarean in the first place.

There was the special law in Rome that if the mother died at the last stage of pregnancy, then the baby was removed from the body in order to save his or her life. You have not come across with this news when the mother is dead and baby is alive.

How Cesar is related with surgical process?

There is one possibility of getting this name as Cesar ancestral was born in such manner. It is also said this process got then name after the Cesar but Julis name is missing in that. The term Cesar means to cut into the uterus as a Cesarean Section. Today this is common in the present scenario where women are given anesthesia along with antibiotics while moving through this process for delivery. In history the baby is removed from the body surgically only if the mother died during the last stage of pregnancy.

In most of the countries many women have lived after this kind of surgery. We can separate Caesar from Cesarean Section where section has been used in place of surgery or any kind of procedure. The meaning of the term section is known as the act of cutting. Apart from that this term is also used to divide the body into left and right halves. Some surgical operations use section as the main term to describe the process.

Most of the Cesearn surgeries results in healthy babies along with mothers. But you need to take into account that it is a major surgery and there are some risks associated with the same. The healing procedure also takes a bit longer than the vaginal birth. But you can come home sooner and recover faster the vaginal birth. The onus is on the woman whether they want to have a delivery of this type because of complications.


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