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C Section Or Caesarean Section: Understanding The Terminology And Significance

Every medical procedure or organ which seems to have an offbeat name like say Fallopian Tube or islets of Langerhans is derived from the name of the person who discovered it or documented its worth for the human body. It is similar and more common with various medical procedures as well. So one might just guess that probably C section whose full form is Caesarean section also derives its name from such a significance.

However if you look into the factual data as to How Did Caesarean Sections Get Their Name then you will be surprised to find that it is not so. In fact there is no proper evidence or consensus amongst scientists as to from where the name might have come!

The most famous speculation

Of the many speculations that there are about the origin of the name the most famous one goes like this- it is said that the name comes from none other than the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar himself! The caesarean section is a procedure in which an incision is made in the under belly of the mother and from there the child is brought out into the world. Nowadays local or general anaesthesia is used depending upon the condition of the patient. But at the time when Caesar was born anaesthesia was probably still not in use. And hence it was undoubtedly a very painful process. It is said that Julius Caesar was born in this manner and hence this mode of operation or this procedure gets its name from him. Renowned historians claim that Caesar’s mother died when she was pregnant, precisely in her ninth month and she had to cut open in order to bring Caesar into this world. But this is almost medically impossible until and unless Aurelia, Caesar’s mother, had died during child birth and then she had to be cut open. Contradictions abound in this theory since there have been findings that say that Caesar’s mother was alive and well when Caesar was a grown adult.  More over there is no substantial evidence to back up this claim and more so there have been findings which even suggest that this mode of operation had been in practise way before Caesar was even born!

The name comes from the family?

 In order to understand why is it called a caesarean procedure, numerous historians have put forward numerous views. Some suggest that since there is evidence that this procedure had existed even before the birth of Caesar, some people say that it might have been a family name that is any one of his ancestor might have been born in this process. And hence Caesar had become a family name. Since Julius Caesar had risen to prominence, it was him who had brought this name into focus, probably talked about this procedure and hence from then onwards it had taken that name. However there is a lot of debate about this theory and no evidence to back it up.

Thus even today when we think about from where the name Caesarean operation came from, the origin of its terminology is still shrouded in mystery.


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