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The Importance Of Carbohydrates During Pregnancy

One of the most important things that you should take care of when you are pregnant is that you have to eat right. This is a must requisite and hence you should make sure that your baby and you both get the nutrition that both of you need. This is a trying time for both the mother and the child and hence eating right and making a balanced diet a part of your routine is something that you must do during this time.

It is crucial for you to remember that you need to have carbohydrates foods during pregnancy. But first you need to understand why it is essential for you to intake carbohydrates during this time of your life. In fact you should never exclude carbs from your daily diet since they are the most important source of energy for your body. They help in keeping you functioning and provide you with the right amount of energy to go about your day’s work. During pregnancy your body has to put in an extra load of work and hence you will need to gather as much energy as possible during this period of time. Thus it is important that you increase your carbohydrate intake when you are pregnant since they are broken down into simple glucose which is easily absorbed by the blood, through which it can reach the placenta. Vitamins are also important when pregnant, but a sole vitamin diet is not good for the mother or baby. You will have to strike a balance with what you eat and hence you will have to include carbohydrates as a part of your daily meal as well.

In order to understand the carbohydrates needed during pregnancy you need to know which type of carbohydrate you will need. There are the ones which can be broken down very easily and hence they are absorbed into the blood really fast and in turn increase the blood glucose level. The other type is broken down more slowly and hence it does not result in any drastic change in the blood glucose level. The food items that follow under the first category are known as high GI foods whereas the food items in the second category are known as Low GI foods. GI stands for glycaemic index which is an indicator of the rate at which food is absorbed into your system.

The food items that are a part of the first category are generally refined products like milk bread, cakes, potatoes etc. Bananas, whole grain pasta, bread, sweet potatoes etc fall in the second category and they are considered to be healthier. So the ideal thing during your pregnancy would be to get in touch with your dietician and increase the number of low GI level carbs in your diet. But then again you need to strike that perfect balance and hence high GI carbs should also be there in your diet but in limited amounts. Thus you have to make sure that both these types of carbs enter your body in regulated amounts.

Carbohydrates are very important during your pregnancy and hence it would be wise not to avoid them.


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