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How To Figure Out You Are Pregnant?

One of the most common questions, which is in the minds of the first-time moms, is when my pregnancy will start showing. Of course,each and every woman is different and sometimes in the case of first time moms it would start showing as early as 12 weeks. In case of others it may start showing soon, especially in the case of someone who has been pregnant before. They have muscles in the abdomen or the uterus, which is stretched. In the case of others, it may be later than this.

The uterus of a woman passes through various stages. In the first stages of your pregnancy, the uterus is in the shape of a pear, and over the course of 12 weeks, it becomes much more rounded until it goes on to resemble the shape of a jack fruit. This is that stage when the bump begins to form. At 16 weeks of your pregnancy, the uterus will stretch to the maximum to accommodate the growing baby. This is when the bump is really visible. But there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account when you start purchasing for maternity clothes. In the case, of some pregnant women, the bump will not show till 20 weeks at a time, when the top of the uterus is in line with the belly button. Some of the factors which indicate showing pregnancy are as follows.

  • The body size- In the case of heavier women, the pregnancy will not show earlier than in the case of skinny women. In the case of taller women, it tends to show much more later
  • The older moms tend to show much earlier than the first-time moms. The main reason for it is that the younger women tend to have tighter abdominal muscles
  • The depth of the pelvis- the deeper it is, much later it will show. If it is showing earlier than expected, then the chances are that you are having a retroverted uterus. This does mean that the uterus is titled more towards the back than the front. This though has no impact on the position or the size of your baby
  • The size of the baby- If you are carrying a small baby in your womb it will show as soon as you are having a large baby. The amount of amniotic fluid which you are carrying around the baby does make a difference as well
  • If you are having more than one baby in your stomach, then the chances of pregnancy showing earlier is pretty much evident.

If any case, if you are concerned about the size of your bump, the doctor may arrange for an ultrasound, which will reveal the hidden things. It will also go on to ensure that you have been provided with the right due date.

Till now this article only mentions about the size of the bump, but there are some other early symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness which determines you are pregnant.


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