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What Benefits To Be Derived From A Nursing Pillow?

The arrival of a newborn baby does bring about a sense of excitement, nervousness, along with happiness. New mothers are proud but exhausted over the course of a delivery. The first milk which is generated at the time of birth is referred to as colostrum, that is considered to be good for the health of the baby.

Many items are there which contribute to the process of making breastfeeding beneficial. Some of them are widely used and popular such as a breast pump but if you are aware on how to use a nursing pillow during pregnancy then nothing better than it. The question is how many mothers are aware of the benefits of it in the first place. It is also referred to as the breastfeeding pillow as it is the position in which you will hold the baby, and how you sit across is critical to a proper latch.

The benefits associated with a nursing pillow

During pregnancy, back aches along with other forms of discomfort tend to be common among pregnant women. This tends to worsen in the last stages of pregnancy when the baby bump is huge. One can use the nursing pillow to support their back, or keep it between their legs to provide some form of comfort and under your belly when you are sleeping by the side

The benefits of nursing pillows during breastfeeding are illustrated below

  • It helps the baby to latch on properly. The body position while holding the baby is important for a decent latch. This can be attained with the help of a nursing pillow as both the mother along with the baby will be comfortable during breastfeeding especially if you had your delivery via C section
  • A certain amount of relief from reflux is provided. Most of the babies are known to suffer from colic and they tend to be very cranky about it. With the help of a nursing pillow the head of the baby will be in the correct position and will reduce the discomfort associated with reflux
  • It contributes to the process of breastfeeding. The head of the baby will be nicely supported when you are using a nursing pillow and this will enable them to feed them with a bottle comfortably
  • It can also be used by the older babies. After the first few weeks of breastfeeding the process will become comfortable and both the baby and the mother will no longer need the nursing pillow any more. But it can be a handy resource especially if the baby has started moving the nursing pillow can be a source of support for the tummy of the baby and for sitting up as well.

As per recent publications, breastfeeding can be a challenging situation for the moms and this is in particular reference to the first-time moms. You along with your baby would need to learn the correct techniques of breastfeeding and this may be smooth or not. A nursing pillow will come to the rescue.


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