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During pregnancy is it necessary: Head-down position?

From the very first stage of pregnancy or the first trimester the expectant mother’s body starts changing and give some signs. It is due to hormonal changes inside the body and the baby’s growth. The baby’s position also changes inside the womb. At first the baby remains in head-up position. And suddenly from the 32th weeks of pregnancy it started facing in a head-down position. Let’s see why it is happening

When the baby turns head-down?

As the pregnancy progresses the baby position changes. After the 30th or 32th week of pregnancy the baby changes its head position towards the down of the womb. It is called cephalic position. But some babies don’t do the same. So the mothers start to worry but it is not a matter to worry. Many babies turn in a late manner even after 36th weeks of pregnancy. This position change is related to size of the baby and shape of the mother’s uterus. In early stage of pregnancy there remains much room in uterus to move. But as the time advances there remains less room for the baby to move and thus the baby adopts the head-down position towards the pelvis to be comfortable. If there remains any abnormality in the uterus then the baby is not able to adopt the head-down position. Again those bear twins then may be one adopts head-down position and the other doesn’t. But one thing is for sure, that the entire process of labor will be much shorter if the baby turns their heads inside or upside as the head of the baby comes out first.

Is it important to have a head-down position of the baby?

The head-down position of the baby within the womb is the best position said by the doctors as it will make the labour time shorter and easier than the other ones. It is because the baby’s head is the largest part and thus the delivery is done through the head-first. And the baby’s head position can be changed through following some steps if it is not achieved by 36 weeks. The physician will recommend the following steps to follow.

  • Changing the sitting position can help the required result. The pelvis should be tilted forward the knees should be kept lower the hips during sitting.
  • The mother can also scrub the floor somewhat comfortably to enhance the baby’s position. Once you are on all fours it does become easy for the baby to change the position and in the process the postion of head can be changed to come out of the belly.
  • Sitting for a long hour in a place is very bad always. And so during pregnancy one should remain very active.
  • During sleeping she can lean to the left side as it will also help the baby to get in a head-down position during pregnancy.
  • In case if you are sitting in a car, then use a cushion , so that the knees do come under your hips

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