pregnancy tips

When You Are Aware That You Are Pregnant?

Most of the would be moms have one question on their minds which is when will my pregnancy start showing. You need to take into account that each and every woman is different and in case of some women it may start showing as early as 12 weeks. This is for the first time moms and in case of others it can be sooner as well . Say for example woman who had any form of pregnancy in the past would have their abdomen or uterus muscles stretched. In the case of others it may be earlier than this also.

The uterus of a woman changes shapes as it passes through various stages. In the first few weeks of your  pregnancy ,it is in the shape of a pear and once time passes it goes on to become rounded and resembles the shape of a grapefruit. This is the stage where the bump begins to form. At around 16 weeks of your pregnancy the uterus will be stretched to the maximum to accommodate the size of a full shaped baby. You can see the bump and this is a time where all sorts of factors come into the  equation. This could be the purchase of maternity clothes as showing pregnancy becomes evident. In the case of some women who are pregnant for the first time ,the pregnancy will not show maybe till 20 weeks. This is the time when the top of the uterus is in line with the button on the belly.

There are several other factors which you need to take into  the equation when you become pregnant

  • The size of the baby- If you are carrying a small baby , the pregnancy may not show so early if you have a large baby. The quantum of amniotic fluid which you are carrying can also make a difference
  • If you are carrying twins the chances of pregnancy being shown earlier are all the more.
  • The deeper the pelvis, the earlier the pregnancy will be shown. If it does show later than what you are expecting it does mean that you are having a retroverted uterus. About 15 % of women have this type of uterus and what it means that it is titled more towards the back than the front. But this does not have an impact on the size of the baby.
  • The size of the body- Heavy women will not show pregnancy earlier when you compare them to skinny women. In the case of taller women it is much later
  • The older moms tend to show pregnancy much earlier than the young moms. One of the reasons attributed in this regard is that the younger women tend to have tighter abdominal muscles.

If you still have any concerns about the size of the baby ,then it is better to done an ultrasound done to certify that the correct due date has been provided to you. It is not only the baby bump but there are a host of symptoms associated with pregnancy.


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