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What Are The Consequences If An Abnormal Pap Smear Test Is Not With The Norm?

Abnormal pap smear during pregnancy is a common ground and in no way it connotes that you are a victim of cancer.  It does help your doctor to identify those pre-cancerous cells and devise a treatment plan so that it does not escalate into cancer. You should follow the recommendations of your doctor on the duration you need to have the Pap test. If you had an abnormal test, then the chances are that the doctor will recommend you to frequent testing.

A pap test works out to be a simple test, where any abnormal changes in the cervix is noticed. The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus which is located on top of your vagina. It can go on to detect pre-cancerous cells later that can develop into cervical cancer. This makes this test a potential live saver and in the modern days you are likely to hear it as pap test rather than a pap smear.

What is expected during the course of this test?

Though no form of real preparation is necessary, there are a few factors which influence the results of pap tests. As far as possible avoid vaginal creams or intercourse before the tests. These tests can be performed during your period, but it is better if it is scheduled between the periods. If you have had a pelvic exam, then the pap test will not be that different. You will lie on the table with the feet on sit ups position. With the help of a speculum your vagina will be opened that will allow your doctor to see through the cervix. With a swab, the doctor will remove a few cells from the cervix. They will be placed on a glass slab and then send across to the laboratory for testing. This test might be a bit uncomfortable, but is a painless procedure. The duration of the procedure will not take more than a few minutes of your time.

Taking note of the results

The results of the test will not take more than a week. In most cases the result is normal which does not mean that you have abnormal cervical cells. This means that you do not have to think of the outcome of the result till the next test occurs.

Do not press the panic button, as if the results of the test are not normal, it in no way means that you have cancer. It also does not mean that there is nothing wrong as well. Sometimes the results of test can be inconclusive, as in some cases a poor sample can pave way to improper results. This can occur if you had intercourse or have been using any feminine based products.

An abnormal result means that some cervical cells have changed. But it also does not mean that you have cancer. Abnormal pap smear during early pregnancy is common and it can lead to inflammation, HPV or infection.


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