pregnancy tips

When Do You Become Aware That You Are Pregnant?

You might be aware of the fact that first time mothers show later, whereas the second moms reveal it earlier. This is influenced by a variety of factors, such as your body type or weight, at the time of conception in conjunction with the baby’s position in the uterus. On an average, showing pregnancy as one may call it happens between 12 to 16 weeks and it is during this time the uterus resembles the shape of a lemon. In normal terms the uterus is in the size of a lemon. At about 14 to 17 weeks it is in the stature of a small lemon and rises above the pelvic cavity, which makes it visible above your waist line. At this point you would have to shop for maternity clothes if you have not done till now.

During the earlier stages of pregnancy some women may have come and go belly. The belly may expand one day and after your bowel movement it may disappear. There is no cause to panic as it is a normal scenario. Though the uterus is growing, the pace of growth is too slow and is not noticeable to the people around you. This it till a point where you start to wear clothes and your belly cannot be hidden.

Ultimately each and every pregnancy is different, and there is no pregnancy which will predict when you will start showing it. In certain cases, pregnancy start showing or till the second or the third semester is a normal situation. In the case of some first time moms it may be show earlier than normal and it is a cause of relief. Apart from the positive pregnancy tests, the only cause of comfort to show that you are pregnant is to figure out the heart beat done during the ultrasound examination at the doctor’s chamber.

Once you have been pregnant before, the uterus may come back to the original shape. A head start is provided to the uterus during the second pregnancy. For most second time moms, it will show a bit more earlier than in case of the first pregnancy. Having tight abdominal muscles is beneficial if you are keen to hide your pregnancy as long as possible. If you have less muscle tone in the abdomen it will tend to show much later. This is a common situation with mothers who are experiencing their second pregnancy. They have already stretched out abdominal muscles and this will show much later than expected.

If you are a lady of small build, then the signs of pregnancy will be visible in you much earlier. On the other hand, if you are carrying twins, then a significant increase in belly size is noticeable in the first few weeks of your pregnancy. It is the size of the abdomen that is important and not the size of the uterus. A large belly in no way reveals that you are carrying twins, there could be several reasons for a large belly as well.


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