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Pregnancy Tests: Assuring Motherhood

To become pregnant is an incredible experience to every woman in this world. To confirm pregnancy various tests are present. One can perform the pregnancy test at home by buying pregnancy test kits available in market. Otherwise she can visit doctor’s clinic to get a confirm report.

Doctors perform pregnancy tests by detecting a hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in blood or urine. After becoming pregnant a woman’s body produces hCG in large amounts. After the egg and sperm get merged body starts producing hCG. And this process continues till delivery and then it eventually tapers off. Though home pregnancy tests are very reliable but doctors have their own methods to check properly.

Different types of pregnancy tests at doctors’ clinics

Various types of pregnancy tests in doctor’s clinics are available, as, clinical urine test, blood serum test, etc.

Urine test:

A woman after testing pregnancy at home through pregnancy test kits should visit doctor’s office or clinics to confirm the result. Though women perform urine test at home but the urine test available at doctor’s place are not available in commercial pharmacies. But the principle of both the tests is same by detecting hCG level. But the difference lies in care. As if anyone having potential errors then it can be eliminated in the grass root level.

Blood test:

The next and more relevant test to confirm pregnancy is blood or serum test. This test is widely used as an ultimatum to confirm the result. To take the test it is needful to visit doctor’s clinic. This test commemorates with taking blood samples of the expectant to detect the presence of hCG. Blood test can be performed to detect pregnancy as early as six days after ovulation. Blood test is also more expensive than the home tests and clinical urine test. There are two types of blood pregnancy tests, as,

Qualitative hCG- This test deals with the presence of hCG and simply gives a positive or negative result for pregnancy. It’s accuracy level is as the urine test. A woman within 10 days after missing period can be ordered by doctors to take this test to confirm pregnancy.

Quantitative hCG – this test gives the most accurate result among the lot. It can maintain the accuracy level as it measures the specific level of hCG produced in the blood. This can give the tiniest amounts of hCG with perfection.

There are different types of pregnancy tests, though the core philosophy is the same. In fact the cost of a pregnancy test will depend on the type of clinic you choose along with the insurance cover you have taken. You can expect to shell out around $ 75 for this service. If the results are not certain, a retest will be needed in a few days time which in most cases will require you to pay an additional amount of money.

To conclude, whatever form of test you undertake, always seek the services of a professional as the chances of errors reduces drastically.


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