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Pregnancy in relation to pesticides

Pregnancy along with pesticides pose a lot of questions and all this is for a good reason as well.  You would come across advice like avoid pesticides during pregnancy?  Let us analyse in details. Exposure to pesticides is a cause of concern for adults, children along with expectant mothers. Fleas, ants, cockroaches are the reasons why women spray pesticides all over the house. They are known to contain chemicals which attack the nervous system of the insects and then cause them to die. During the first trimester of your pregnancy, the nervous system is at a developing stage in your baby, so you would ideally want to avoid any contact with pesticides at this point of time.

The safety angle of using pesticides during the course of pregnancy

Some studies point to the fact that the greatest risk to the exposure to pesticides is in the first 3 to 8 weeks of your first trimester. If you find that you are pregnant and you are living in an agricultural area, where pesticides are used, it is suggested that you remove yourself to avoid exposure to these chemicals.

The golden rule to follow that avoid pesticides during breastfeeding or pregnancy. Research reveals that one out of four women are exposed to pesticides in the surroundings of their home. All the toxins that are present in pesticides are compounds which naturally occur in plants. Though they may sound healthier, the terms organic and natural stand in no comparison to be safe. All the chemicals including the natural ones have the ability to cause harm if they are not handled in a proper manner. Ensure that you read the instructions on pesticide before you use them.

Health perspective on the use of pesticide during the course of pregnancy

  • Do not press the panic button if you realize that you have been exposed to pesticide. Any risk is associated with long term or intense exposure. In case if you have treated your dog for fleas and an exposure to pesticide has taken place the risks to your baby is negligible.
  • The safest bet is to avoid pesticides in your home or on your pets, for the matter of fact in your garden during pregnancy. Especially avoiding them during the first few weeks of pregnancy, when the nervous system along with the neural tube is developing.

In case if you are planning a garden treatment with pesticides or thinking on the lines of spraying your home, then follow the below mentioned guidelines for reduced exposure

  • Do not apply the pesticides and avail the services of someone else to do the job for you
  • Do not stay in the area for the time specified in the package of the pesticide
  • Remove all dishes, utensils or any commodities before the pesticide is sprayed
  • The area where the food is kept should be washed properly after the pesticide has been sprayed
  • Open the doors and the windows after application of pesticide so that ventilation takes place.
  • Wear protective clothing during spraying of pesticide.

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