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What Are The Pros Along With Cons Of Assisted Birth?

The doctor will not recommend vacuum assisted birth till it is absolutely necessary. It is a difficult situation to figure out which delivery needs assistance in the form of forceps or a vacuum to get the baby out. It is important to be aware of the pros and cons associated with it on what is in store.

Pro- Works out to be an advantage for the first time moms

If you are giving birth for the first time, it may be a bit difficult. Other than this you would not be aware on what to expect as most of your information is based on second hand stories or myths. It may be a bit challenging and this in relation to the process. Some first time moms may be surprised at the amount of energy they would need to push the baby out. Along with it having the vaginal canal stretch for the first time may be difficult and painful for the mother to achieve.

In such a situation a vacuum extractor delivery may help them out. They are provided with an experience which does increase their chance of giving birth vaginally without any assistance next time when they are planning to give birth. Another option is that if the first time mom cannot push, then the only option is a C section delivery.

Con – may cause redness or bruises

As assisted delivery requires pressure on the head of the baby, they are bound to have some amount of bruises or redness on their faces. It will be sore and the mother may find it hard to digest it on the face of the little ones.

But this swelling or redness disappears on its own after a certain point of time. The time frame is dependent on how severe the bruise area is. The bruise is not going to get bigger in the days after the delivery and it is bound to get bigger if the baby experiences symptoms of vomiting. But this is not going to cause any major problems, but avoid touching or rubbing the affected area as it is going to be sore.

Pro – It helps to avoid a C section delivery

C sections and assisted deliveries have one thing in common. It is usually done with the stage of labor comes to a standstill. Seldom it is seen that an assisted delivery may be a preferred option than a C section delivery. This is because vaginal birth, helps the mother to have a same sort of birth in the later stages.

Con- chances of a cone shaped head

As pressure means swelling on the head of your baby increases the chances are that they might have a deformed head after delivery. In usual cases it is in the form of a cone. In the modern days, the pressure exerted on the head of the baby is well regulated and so any form of fracture or serious problems is not so big as it was before.


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