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Is The Drug Zofran Recommended During Pregnancy For Morning Sickness?

Which happens to be the most popular drug as far as morning sickness is concerned, but not approved by FDA. What happens in case of mothers who have consumed this drug during the first stages of pregnancy had their babies born with heart defects. This would be a point of concern.

Well all this is true and we are talking about Zofran. It is one of the most commonly used drugs as far as morning sickness evolves. During first trimester one out of four women are prescribed this drug and some studies do point to an increase in heart defects.  Zofran birth defects study does not indicate a rosy picture as well.

If you have not consumed this drug, then do not search on the internet. You will be flooded with negative reviews, but one thing for sure, there is no need to panic as let us get our facts in order.

Why Zofran in the first place?

Most of the pregnant women have 80 % chances of morning sickness. But in most cases it is not that severe to be a cause of concern. In certain situations, it may lead to weight loss or dehydration that can have adverse impact as far as pregnancy is concerned.

Zofran falls under the preview of the brand ondansetron which is a drug that is used to treat morning sickness along with nausea. It works well, so it is used as an off label in case of morning sickness during pregnancy. In most drugs, off label is being used. Morning sickness occurs early in the stages of pregnancy when birth defects are more common. So when studies point to Zofran with increasing chances of birth defects the phone bells start ringing.

What needs to be done?

If you have consumed Zofran, the chances that your baby is fine is on the higher side. But on the weight of facts, it is recommended that you avoid the drug as far as possible. In the year 2013, FDA recommended a drug for morning sickness which goes by the name of Diclegis which is a safe alternative. Some other effective options in terms of morning sickness is concerned is as follows

  • Do not spring out of bed in the morning with an empty belly. Lie in the bed for some time and eat something light
  • Increase the intake of fluids during the day and split your diet into small meals
  • Do avoid spicy or fatty foods or something that makes you uneasy
  • If you are having a feeling of nausea, then take ginger
  • Do opt for a veggie Pop. This product is a mixture of ginger, lavender, mint and a sore fruit.

All said to go. Zofran pregnancy should be avoided until there is no viable option left. Consult your doctor if you have some form of morning sickness. Being weak and not dehydrated is not that good for your pregnancy and there are a host of alternative options that you can work upon.


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