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Continue To Breastfeed When Returning To Work

Being a parent is the most adorable moment for mothers as well as fathers. After giving birth to a new born various nursing techniques should be maintained by the parents to give their children proper care. One of the best nursing techniques include breastfeeding the infants as by doing this the infant can inherit the maternal and infant benefits. But whether some women face problems due to this beneficial move? Returning to work while breastfeeding is one of the main challenges faced by a working woman. Let us understand more about it.

How working women manage this phenomenon?

The working women employed at some place experience problem regarding how they will continue to breastfeed their newly born baby when being at work. Thus this become an uncomfortable situation for those nursing mothers as it is hard to remain separated from their babies and work as well. Women nowadays headed a great path conquering every job as from construction sites to hospital operating rooms. But to nurse her baby at these sites and in any moment was a matter of concern for the ladies. To console it government passed an amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which implies to all the companies to lieu reasonable break time for the nursing women till one year after the child’s birth.  This was believed to be a step in the right direction as far as returning to work while breastfeeding as far as mothers were concerned.

Again it was also stated to make a space other than a bathroom to avail the mothers which help them to care for their child and nurse when they need. Thus women return to their work place without worries right after some month of their delivery. But not all mothers are entitled to this protection, why?

Why there is discrimination?

The law proved to be beneficial for many women but not for all. Some employees doesn’t qualify under this law like:

  • The executive, administrative, teachers and academic administrative employees in elementary and secondary schools, sales employees who have field works to do, and certain skilled computer professionals.
  • Workers those do certain seasonal amusement or recreational establishments.
  • Women those are engaged in fishing operations and activities.
  • Workers those are employed in small firms.
  • Women engage in newspaper delivery work.

Will women get payment for the off-times or breaks for breastfeeding their children?

The answer to this question is yes and no at the same time.

The milk expression breaks the company provide to the women to breastfeed and nurse their child can be paid or unpaid. It will unpaid when a woman use extra time outside the company’s existing compensated breaks. Thus women should understand the company’s milk expression break policy by communicating clearly with HR department or manager. If you are of the opinion that you do not have provisions, with reasonable or legal provisions to provide milk, then it is better to get in touch with a legal advisor who understands your rights.


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